The 3:1 Rule: Reducing Turnover and Boosting Morale with Positive Recognition Practices

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Improving retention rates is critical to addressing crippling staffing shortages in law enforcement. Leaders who set an expectation of capturing a higher rate, 3:1 or greater, of positive recognition over punitive documentation of misconduct or behavior concerns can create a positive agency that uplifts officers, conveys a more complete picture of personnel performance (not just the negative), and signals a focus on officer wellness.

In this special webinar presentation, a panel of police chiefs and industry leaders will discuss how law enforcement leaders can develop programs focused on positive recognition that can help with an increase in job satisfaction, reduced stress and burnout, and a greater commitment to your agency, all of which can improve retention rates.

You’ll learn:
  • Multiple use cases identifying pain points and solutions for overcoming retention challenges
  • A scalable process for evaluating an entire organization’s adoption and utilization of positive recognition best practices
  • Actionable tactics for implementing positive recognition initiatives to improve retention rates

Meet the Speakers
Chief Willingham
Chief Willingham
Chief of Police & Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Public Safety
Lone Star State College
Doug Kazensky
Doug Kazensky
Solutions Engineer
Vector Solutions

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