PoliceTrades.com Records 3,000th Bid for LE Weapons

PoliceTrades.com has provided 3,000 bids for 500,000 firearms valued at more than $125 million, according to the company.

Firearms disposal firm PoliceTrades.com has received a milestone of 3,000 bids for law enforcement weapons, according to an announcement.

PoliceTrades.com provides the law-enforcement community with a channel to dispose of unneeded firearms and ammunition, including duty guns, restricted Class 3 weapons and confiscated arms. The agency's weapons are taken in for resale or for parts value and subsequent destruction.

"We are extremely proud of the growth of our trade program over the past year and have added numerous law enforcement distributors and dealers to our bidding network," said Ray Reynolds, president of PoliceTrades.com.

"We have developed a number of new programs including our parts stripping and destruction service for confiscated firearms and our trade service for transferable and non-transferable Class 3 weapons," Reynolds added.

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