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UTM Releases New Target Ammo for AR-15 Shooters

UTM Reality Based Training (UTM RBT) has made the Civilian Target Ammunition (CTA) Target Shooting Kit and Ammunition for AR-15 Style weapons available for pre-orders.

UTM RBT has announced that itsnew Civilian Target Ammunition and Kit are now available to the public at www.utmworldwide.com, after revealing the new consumer product at SHOT Show in January. The CTA product line product utilizes core technology only previously available to military, law enforcement and professional training organizations.

UTM Reality Based Training (UTM RBT) has made the Civilian Target Ammunition (CTA) Target Shooting Kit and Ammunition for AR-15 Style weapons available for pre-orders.

“Due to the demand we expected and have seen since making the product available, customers may not receive their ammunition and kits for up to 60 days, although we are striving to ensure that orders are delivered as soon as possible, with many having already been delivered,” says Tony Lambraia, UTM RBT, USA chief of operations. “We feel that this is a product that will revolutionize the industry because of its realism, educational and training benefits for novice to professional shooters across the board. For nearly a decade, the U.S. military, special forces and law enforcement agencies have been using our products for training, in their operational weapons and making this core technology available to all consumers will address many of the issues facing the firearms and shooting industries today, such as safety, accurate and reliable alternatives to live fire, ammunition shortages and environmental concerns. It just seemed like a natural step.”

Steven Didier, UTM RBT's international chief of operations, says, “Most people know us as the manufacturer of the safest, most accurate and reliable force-on-force products and innovative training solutions for law enforcement and the military. The Civilian Target Ammunition is based on the same basic core technology used in all of our training ammunition, to include the UTM RBT Man Marker Round (MMR), but is designed entirely for target use only. It is not designed or intended for force-on-force (shooting opponents) like the MMR. We replaced the soft plastic energy dissipating cruciform dome, containing the marking compound in the MMR projectile, with an aluminum projectile covered with a hard plastic dome, making the CTA unsuitable for force on force. The 5.56/.223 CTA round is perfect for short range target use with an accuracy of 1.18 inches at 32 yards. The round is only powered by primers, making it quiet (113db), allowing you to practice with your own AR-15 style weapon without the restrictions of a live fire range. It is a great tool for training new shooters on the AR/M4 platform as a practice aid or as a prelude to live fire. For more experienced shooters, they are able to train with their own converted weapon on more advanced skills that are not typically permitted on a public live fire range, like the use of 360-degree targets, moving and shooting, shooting steel, immediate action drills, etc. It is a great training tool for any level of shooting enthusiast, from simple target shooting fun to complex gun competitions or CQB (Close Quarter Battle) type training on targets.”

UTM RBT is a training company, which manufactures training ammunition, weapon conversions, products and provides training courses, curriculum development, training facility designs and consultation. UTM RBT currently offers products and training to military, law enforcement agencies, and private training organizations in over 65 countries around the world.


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