Ontario Knife Company Releases Ranger Kerambit EOD Knife

Ontario's Ranger Kerambit EOD is based on a 13th century Southeast Asian blade design.

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The Ontario Ranger Kerambit EOD is built for battle. From Ontario Knife Company, the Ontario Ranger line was built to withstand combat deployment in the most unforgiving terrain on the planet. The Kerambit was designed for OKC by US Special Operations veteran Justin Gingrich to be the perfect self-defense option for military, law enforcement, and civilian use.

"The Kerambit EOD is based on a 13th century Southeast Asian blade design," said Gingrich. “Kerambit translates as ‘claw of the tiger’ and can be used with a traditional forward grip or with a reverse grip fighting style.”

The full-tang Kerambit is made from a 1/4-inch-thick 5160-carbon alloy steel blade and a durable machined micarta handle. It measures 7.5 inches overall with a 3-inch metal blade that is powder coated to protect it from the elements. Designed specifically for the US Marine Corps EOD unit operating down range, the Kerambit features a pommel ring with jimping to the bottom of the ring and the rear of the blade to provide for maximum purchase. The Kerambit includes a Kydex belt loop sheath that is MOLLE-compatible.

For more information, visit Ontario Knife Company.

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