Estes Design and Manufacturing Inc. Purchases Automated Weapon Security, Forms Estes AWS

Estes Design and Manufacturing Inc. closed on the purchase of Automated Weapon Security late last week to form a new company, Estes AWS, which will manufacture and sell Rapid Access Weapon Lockers nationwide.

Estes Design and Manufacturing Inc. closed on the purchase of Automated Weapon Security late last week to form a new company, Estes AWS, which will manufacture and sell Rapid Access Weapon Lockers nationwide. The Estes AWS products open electronically with no combinations to remember, which helps protect law enforcement by allowing officers to retrieve their weapons quickly in a critical situation. The security features of the lockers protect communities by keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals.

Automated Weapon Security began manufacturing and selling automated weapon lockers for law enforcement in 2011. With the resources of Estes Design and Manufacturing, the newly formed Estes AWS has plans to continue to improve the products available to the law enforcement community and offer custom design and manufacturing capabilities to make product enhancements and customizations.

"The acquisition is expected to provide synergies in both product development and distribution by leveraging the innovative, patented technology invented by Automated Weapon Security with the strong manufacturing capabilities and sales and marketing resources we have within our company," says Ryan Estes, General Manager, Estes AWS. "Automated Weapon Security has created an impressive product, which receives outstanding customer reviews. By combining the products with our resources and talent we will provide best-in-class weapon lockers, which will help to better protect both law enforcement officers and communities."

Estes AWS Rapid Access Weapon Lockers provide rapid access through remote entry and patented automated opening technology. The lockers are secure and tamper-proof, constructed out of 14-gauge galvannealed steel. The universal design allows for easy installation in a variety of police vehicles including but not limited to: Ford Interceptor (Taurus), Ford Interceptor Utility (Explorer), Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Caprice, Chevrolet Tahoe, Dodge Charger, and Dodge Durango.

"This acquisition accelerates my original mission to provide secure, rapidly accessible weapon storage at a competitive cost," says Charlie Mothersele, Regional Sales Representative, Estes AWS (formerly owner of Automated Weapon Security). "After working with Estes for the last eighteen months, their integrity is clear. The overall quality is unsurpassed. The management of the company along with the character of everyone involved is impressive. The creation of Estes AWS will allow us to increase the marketing and distribution of our weapon lockers while also continuing to enhance the products to make them even better for our customers."

Estes AWS has already established partnerships to help launch its products to market including hiring Karl L. de la Guerra, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of KDI Protective Services of South Carolina & KDI Tactical Operations Training Center, as a paid national spokesman. "As a 37-year veteran of the protective services industry, this is the first mobile gun locker I've seen that meets the needs for both security and rapid deployment," says de la Guerra. "The remote opening feature allows the officer to maintain his position of cover while still accessing a patrol rifle or specialty munitions from their vehicle for other responding officers to utilize. Estes AWS has set the bar with their Rapid Access Weapon Locker for both law enforcement and the private gun owner, by protecting law enforcement through enhanced rapid response while protecting the community from stolen firearms."

Estes AWS intends to grow its business by developing new products and markets for its Rapid Access Weapon Lockers. Engineering resources are being allocated to develop new product enhancements and new designs of products for the law enforcement community and other private and municipal customer segments.

Visit Estes AWS at to learn more about the products or to request a demo unit or quote.

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