Zenith Quest Corporation and Shot Spot Announce Zenith Hero Program

Zenith and Shot Spot have jointly developed the Zenith Hero Program in order to provide military personnel, law enforcement officers, corrections officers, firefighters, and EMS providers cost effective access to Zenith Firearms’ products.

Zenith Quest Corporation, through its subsidiary Zenith Firearms, working in partnership with Shot Spot LLC of Carrolton, GA, has announced the release of the nationwide Zenith Hero Program. This program enables military, law enforcement, corrections, firefighting, and EMS professionals to make non-departmental purchases of Zenith Firearm products at substantial discounts.

Shot Spot manages this program, offering Zenith’s products through their nationwide affiliates.

“We are very pleased to have Shot Spot join the Zenith family, and we appreciate that they have years of experience running and managing like programs,” says Hanri Kaya, CEO of Zenith.

Shot Spot recognizes the quality and diversity of the Zenith product line and believes this is an excellent addition to its growing business model. “We are appreciative of all the ‘heroes’ that impact our daily lives and we want to show them our gratitude; this program is a way of doing just that,” says John Paulk, CEO of Shot Spot LLC.

The Zenith Hero Program is available now by calling 678-664-0610 or visiting www.shotspotllc.com for a list of dealers in your area.

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