A Punch of Pepper

Less-lethal weapons containing capsaicin can give you the edge you need to end a confrontation without loss of life.

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Advanced Materials Laboratories

The ProtectoJet Model 5 is a pepper ejector that can deploy OC, CS, or CN as a fog. Evaporated solution contains powerful floating-in-air particles that will affect a large group of aggressors within a few seconds from up to 60 yards in still air. With a controlled range of 20 yards and an average repeat capability of 15 one-second bursts, the ProtectoJet is also ideal for SWAT and tactical use. It can be used for hostage and barricade situations as well as patrol, anti-terror, riot, and crowd control applications.

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FNH USA's FN 303 is a versatile air-powered weapon system that fires less-lethal impact munitions with or without PAVA powder. It can be operated as a standalone carbine or it can be mounted on a tactical rifle.

The FN 303 Less Lethal System uses a tank of compressed air to fire .68 caliber, 8.5-gram projectiles. What makes these projectiles different is the molded polystyrene casing that incorporates stabilizing fins for accuracy.

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Guardian Protective Devices

The MK-9 Refillable Trainer unit by Guardian Protective Devices is a great option for law enforcement and corrections training because it will save your department hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time, and provides a short-term return on investment compared to using standard MK-9 inert units.

The MK-9 Refillable Trainer consists of a heavy wall seamless aluminum 18-bar canister, a quick pressurizing Schrader valve, and a pistol grip with a pull ring safety. An integrated pressure valve, which instantly allows identification of operational pressure, increases safety for trainers.

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The new less-lethal JPX Jet Protector weapon is a powerful handheld OC delivery system modeled after a pistol. A patented propulsion system launches high-grade OC solution at 405 mph, allowing the JPX to effectively reach distances up to 23 feet. The pattern is subject-specific with a 12-inch spread at 16.5 feet.

Reloading is fast and easy. Each magazine can be used twice, and then is disposable. The JPX does not rely on electronics or battery power and is virtually impervious to environmental conditions. An integral laser sight is optional.

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Mace Security International

Take Down Extreme Pepper Gel is a 1.4 percent capsaicinoids concentration suspended in a gel that sticks like glue on contact and minimizes cross-contamination, making it ideal for use indoors or in windy conditions.

And because the gel is a non-flammable formula, it will not ignite with stun guns or similar electronic devices. The 45-gram unit contains seven short bursts with a range of eight to 12 feet. Another version with an LED light that activates when the flip-top cap is lifted is also available.

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PepperBall Technologies

Designed for patrol operations, the SA-4 PepperBall launcher is a four-shot chemical irritant pistol with a range of 30 feet. It fires a special ImpactPlus PepperBall cartridge that combines Capsaicin III powder and kinetic impact, delivering 20 foot-pounds of energy.

The form factor of the SA-4 is like a cross between a radar gun and a flare gun, but the polymer-framed weapon is very light, weighing a little less than 14 ounces empty.

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