Police Product Test: SureFire Mini Scout Flashlight

Scott Smith reviews the SureFire Mini Scout Flashlight, Energizer Hard Case Tactical Light, and Wiley X Durtac Gloves.

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Mini Scout Flashlight

I have been using SureFire lights for nearly two decades. My 9Z is still my nightstand light, and it shows no sign of quitting. This year SureFire introduced the M300A Mini Scout. For those of us who believe in minimalism, it's the ideal weapon light.           

The M300A is small, lightweight, and provides 110 lumens of output. This will light up a long hallway or backyard while giving you plenty of light to identify a potential threat.

What I like about the Mini Scout is that the tailcap can be operated with either a push button or a pressure pad switch. I like this option because it allows you to place the light where it is comfortable for you and activate it the way you choose. I prefer to operate a weapon light with my thumb, reducing the odds of hanging the light up on something. Because Murphy's Law says the short cable will get snagged on something at the worst moment. SureFire allows you to choose, at no extra cost.

Should you need a handheld light the Mini Scout can satisfy that requirement, too. I found the integral mount gives you a good grip on the light. While it is not ideal, it works very well using the Harries Method. The Mini Scout is a versatile light and will serve you well for many years to come.

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Wiley X

Durtac Gloves

I first used Wiley X's quality eye protection many years ago. Now the company also produces excellent duty gloves, including the new Durtac.         

I found the Durtacs fit well, were comfortable, and protected my hands well with polymer inserts on the knuckles and the second knuckle of the middle/ring/pinky fingers. These knuckles are most likely to get banged up while working and you don't want to reduce the dexterity of your thumb or forefinger with a pad at the joint.

I was happy with both the form and function of the glove. The palm is synthetic leather, with silicone inserts on the index finger and thumb for better grip. While wearing them I had enough dexterity to operate a weapon or even type on a keyboard. I also found the Durtac kept my hands warm in the nastiest weather, as I wore them shoveling the three-plus feet of snow we had in Pittsburgh the first full week of February. I was able to feel the shovel through them and drive with them on.

Thanks to the Velcro cinch the gloves stay on and don't slip, even when shoveling snow. And when you're really exerting yourself, the microfleece thumb comes in handy to wipe away sweat. For additional comfort the backs of the gloves are made of stretch mesh and I must say, these gloves do fit like a second skin. Durtacs should make an excellent all around duty glove; check them out at your local uniform shop or online.

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Hard Case Tactical Light

For many years we kept our duty lights going and going. Now Energizer is lighting the way. The company's entry into the tactical market is the Hard Case Tactical Light series. This family includes a handheld light, helmet light, and a handheld angle light.

Energizer's Hard Case Tactical 2AA Second Generation Handheld Light intrigued me with its apparent versatility, so I opted to take a closer look at it. This one light offers red, blue, and green LED light, white light (with 70 lumens of output), and infrared, and it operates on widely available AAs. The light works best with Energizer AA Lithium power batteries.

When I first looked at the Hard Case Tactical 2AA, all the buttons looked overwhelming. Then I read the directions and realized it's an easy light to operate. The white light runs off the bottom button, the blue, red, and green LEDs run off the three buttons on the front of the light, and the IR operates off the bottom button when the selection toggle is on IR.

The four lights all have three settings, from bright to low. To reduce the output, simply push each light's button and the output is decreased. When the IR is being used it will be in either strobe for identifying friend or foe (IFF) or illumination mode. All of the LEDs can be activated at the same time.

Energizer's Hard Case Tactical 2AA Second Generation Handheld Light is as versatile as I had hoped. In addition to its many modes, you can hold it or use the included clip to hook it on your belt or shoulder epaulet so you have both hands free. Energizer has made a true multi-purpose duty light.

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Scott Smith is a former federal police officer for the Department of Veteran's Affairs and a contributing editor to POLICE.

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