Chemical Agents

View our roundup of nine chemical agents and customizable launchers created for either indoor or outdoor use with inert training rounds or impact projectiles. Chemical agents include liquid or powder barricade penetrators, OC-Vapor grenades, aerosol projectors and pepper projectiles.

Advanced Materials Laboratories

Created for indoor and outdoor use, the Projectojet Model 5 is an anti-mob fog ejector with an ejection distance of 15 to 20 meters. The rechargeable Model 5 contains a CS/CN/OC fog formulation and provides an average repeat capability of 15 one-second bursts. The units can be stored on a full charge and will operate as normal after five years of storage. The Model 5 also features adjustable holding straps and cushioning with a loaded weight of about 17.5 pounds and a length of about 27.5 inches.


The ALS4227 is a 40mm barricade penetrator designed with a two-part spin stabilized cartridge that breaches through dry wall, hollow core doors, or glass, and disperses an irritant into the area. The round can be filled with liquid or powder CS chemical or liquid or powder OC chemical. The round can be utilized to introduce chemical into areas with potential fire hazards. Inert rounds are also available for training.

Combined Tactical Systems

Designed for indoor use, the OC-Vapor (OCV) System Grenade discharges a non-visible vapor with a level 1, 1.33 percent major capsaicinoids pungency. The primary effects of the OCV include shortness of breath, as well as pain and discomfort. With a net weight of 12.5 ounces, the nonflammable, non-contaminating system dispenses in half-second to one-second bursts, with a total of six to eight one-second bursts per grenade. The unit has a range of six to eight feet and also can be used in the aerosol category by incorporating a hose and wand.[PAGEBREAK]


The FN 303 Launcher is a compressed air-powered system capable of launching fin-stabilized .68 caliber projectiles at point-specific targets with a range of up to 50 meters. Constructed ergonomically from black polymer and aluminum, the FN 303 features flip-up iron sights, a speedloader-compatible 15-round magazine with a clear rear cover, and a top-mounted MIL-STD 1913 rail. The launcher also provides approximately 110 shots per filled tank of air and can be used as a standalone unit or attached under an M16, M4, or FN SCAR rifle.

Guardian Protective Devices

Guardian Protective Devices' MK-9 Aerosol Projector features a smaller-profile Rapid Response pistol grip with pull-ring safety, and is available with stream, cone, foam, and wide area burst fogger delivery systems. Housed in a 2Q-rated aluminum canister, the MK-9 weighs 14 ounces and has a range of 19 to 22 feet with a five-year shelf life warranty. Available in live and inert, the units are available in OC and OC/CS combination formulations and are safe for use with electro muscular disruption (EMD) technology. Custom formulation blends are available upon request.

IBS Sigma

The JPX Jet Protector is a handheld OC delivery system that incorporates a non-aerosol propulsion system capable of launching OC solutions at 405 mph. Each removable JPX magazine contains two self-cleaning charges of flame-resistant liquid capsaicin or dye marker that can be fired up to 23 feet through an integrated nozzle. Available in orange or black frames, the JPX reloads quickly and features open sights, a 10 milliliter filling volume, and a Mil-Spec rail for accessory attachment.[PAGEBREAK]

PepperBall Technologies

PepperBall Technologies' TAC-700 launcher fires up to 12 rounds per second and features a high-capacity 200-round hopper, an automatic feed system, and a honed barrel.  Equipped with three adjustable trigger settings, the TAC-700 has target accuracy up to 60 feet, as well as up to 150-foot accuracy for covering areas with pepper clouds. PepperBall Technologies also offers training and impact projectiles, including 10X projectiles containing a five percent solution of PAVA hot pepper powder irritant for live applications.  A Patriot 450 Riot accessory vest kit is also available and includes an additional four pods of 120 rounds each.

Sage Control Ordnance

The Deuce Launcher is available in two configurations-Standard and Revolution-with the option for a caliber choice of 37mm smooth bore, 37mm Sage rifled, or 40mm x 46mm NATO rifled barrels. The Standard package includes the launcher with barrel and caliber choice, a barrel duo-block with an integral Picatinny rail section, and two barrel-mounted Picatinny rails. The Revolution includes the Standard features, as well as a forward grip mount, sight rail, Magpul stock, sling, rear sight module, 20/40 sight module, 60/80 sight module, and Pelican case.


VEXOR inert scented training rounds and pepper OC projectiles are created with gelatin and filled with Zarc's patented EID-safe VEXOR V7 formulation with a liquid OC concentration. Deployable with any .68 caliber launcher, the projectiles break on contact and accurately hit targets up to 60 feet away. Zarc also offers the VM1 VEXOR projectile launcher, a five-pound .68 caliber marker with a target accurate range of 60 feet and an area denial of about 100 feet.

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