PureForge To Introduce Ford Crown Vic Brake Rotors

PureForge plans to debut aftermarket brake rotors for the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor in late 2012.

PureForge's after-market police motorcycle brake rotors. Photo: PureForgePureForge's after-market police motorcycle brake rotors. Photo: PureForge

San Diego-based  PureForge is completing final development and testing for aftermarket brake rotors for the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and plans to introduce the rotors in late 2012. 

The company is known for its aftermarket motorcycle brakes designed to reduce costs and improve performance for law enforcement fleets.

PureForge's clean-brake technologies increase brake performance and safety while decreasing brake wear, maintenance costs, and environmental pollutants caused by brake dust, according to the company. PureForge currently markets their technology and products exclusively to law enforcement vehicle fleets.

The PureForge maintenance and service agreement enables the company to outfit fleet vehicles with PureForge brakes for no up-front cost, and charge a monthly service fee that saves the fleet money, according to PureForge.

The brakes are built using the company's Atomic-Forged technology, a complex metallurgical process. Using lightning-like energy channeled through an exotic metal, this energy transfers the exotic metal into a steel surface, changing that surface on the molecular level. The end result of this process is a layer of ultra-dense exotic metal that is forged with the surface of the metal, creating a brake rotor surface that is extremely hard and tough, according to the company.

With their proprietary Atomic-Forged brake technology, PureForge rotors eliminate brake rotor wear, affording significant maintenance cost savings and reduced toxic brake dust emissions.

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