Lenco To Display BearCat G3 at NTOA Conference

Lenco Industries will display its latest BearCat model at the NTOA Tactical Operations Conference beginning Sept. 22.

Photo courtesy of Lenco.Photo courtesy of Lenco.Lenco Industries will bring its BearCat G3 and other armored vehicles to display at the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Tactical Operations Conference and Trade Show at the Kansas City Marriott Hotel and Convention Center from Sept. 22-27.

With five entry and exit points on the four-door vehicle, the G3 was designed to enhance tactical response and rescue capabilities in urban settings and active shooter scenarios. Additionally, its high ground clearance makes it ideal for off-road and rural missions, according to Lenco.

The BearCat G3 features Lenco's hydraulic ram, low-profile lighting and communications equipment. It is also equipped with Lenco’s gas injector unit that is mounted on the vehicle's hydraulic ram to allow users to project chemical agents from the vehicle.

Constructed with military-spec steel, the BearCat G3 provides .50-caliber armor protection. Additionally, the ceilings and floors offer blast and fragmentation protection, and the ballistic glass windows can endure multiple-hit attacks. It can accommodate up to 12 officers.

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