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Coastal Community Conducting "Thank an Officer" Events Despite Pandemic

Citizens in DelMarVa—the peninsula that is shared by the states of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia—will continue with plans to show appreciation for local law enforcement officers this week despite concerns about COVID-19.

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Good Samaritans Aid Virginia Officer Attacked at Traffic Stop

Two civilians in Virginia are receiving praise and thanks from the Virginia State Police Department for coming to the aid of a trooper who came under attack during a recent traffic stop.

Virginia Officer Reunites with Family of Woman Whose Life He Saved

An officer with the Lynchburg (VA) Police Department who helped save the life of a woman was reunited with her family over the weekend.

Virginia Officer Accused of Excessive Force, Indicted by Grand Jury

A grand jury indicted an officer with the Fairfax County (VA) Police Department accused of assaulting a man who—according to available body-camera video footage—was not actively resisting when he was stunned and placed under arrest in an incident in early June.

Suspect Charged for Allegedly Biting Virginia Officer

A man is accused of biting an officer with the Arlington County (VA) Police Department, after officers responded to a call that a man had knocked over store displays and stole items from local businesses on Sunday afternoon.

Virginia Police Chief Stops Edged Weapon Attack at Church

Fairfax County Police Chief Ed Roessler and two other individuals stopped a man who was stabbing the pastor and parishioners gathered for Bible study over the weekend, possibly saving multiple lives in the process.

Virginia County Taking Steps to Create New Police Department

Voters in Loudon County, VA, may soon be faced with a referendum that could lead elected officials to begin the formal process of creating a county-wide police agency.

Retired Virginia Officer Killed in Wisconsin "Hate Crime"

Phillip A. Thiessen, 55, was riding his motorcycle in Fond du Lac County when investigators say a man intentionally swerved his truck into the motorcycle because he believed all Harley riders to be "white racists."

Release of Convicted Cop-Killer Delayed

The release of a man convicted in the murder of an officer with the Richmond (VA) Police Department in 1979 has been put on hold, and an investigation into the parole board's handling of his case has begun.

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Two Virginia Officers Stabbed in Weekend Melee

Two officers with the Suffolk (VA) Police Department were among four people stabbed on Sunday night.