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Memphis Officer Charged with On-Duty Murder, Kidnapping

Police say Patric Ferguson then drove to the area of Frayser Blvd. and Denver Street, where they say he shot and killed Robert Howard. An affidavit says Ferguson shot Howard in the back of the squad car before moving the body to another location.

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Nashville's Titans to Honor Police Heroes from Christmas Bombing Before Sunday's Playoff Game

"While we can never thank these officers enough for their heroic acts, it is an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to honor them at the game on Sunday," said Titans president and CEO Burke Nihill.

Mural Honors Heroism of Nashville Officers During Christmas Bombing

A new mural in Nashville honors the six Metro Police officers who ran to danger and saved lives before the Christmas Day bombing.

End of Year: Seeing 2020 in Hindsight

Looking one more time at the highs and lows of the year that was… 2020 and seeing perhaps more clearly today than on those days that comprised the year.

Nashville Police Checked Out Christmas Bomber Last Year, No Evidence Found

When officers arrived to the residence of Warner's girlfriend, Raymond Throckmorton identified himself as a representative of Anthony Warner and said his client has frequently spoken about the military and bomb making.

Nashville Police Release Video of Operations Before, After Christmas Bombing

The time was 6:25 a.m. on Christmas morning. Nashville police worked quickly to clear 2nd Avenue North downtown, the stretch that houses the entertainment district. Officers can be seen walking past B.B.King’s Club as they evacuated buildings. As they moved down the sidewalk, holiday music from a store mixed with the eerie recording coming from a white RV parked on the street.

TN Man Arrested Over Bomb Truck Copycat Hoax

Tennessee Highway Patrol’s Special Operations Unit used a robot to sniff for explosives on the truck, but none were found, according to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office.

6 Nashville Officers Honored for Evacuating Residents Before Christmas Bombing

Officer James Luellen was the first to arrive on Second Avenue North on Christmas morning to a call of shots fired. Officer Brenna Hosey arrived to back up. As soon as she got out of the car, almost immediately, the RV started making an announcement.

Officers Evacuated Residents Before Massive Nashville Explosion

Responding officers evacuated the residential buildings in the area after hearing the warning. They were working to get people out when the explosion detonated.

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Memphis Hires Accounting Firm to Track How Officers Spend Time on Job

The Nashville-area office of Deloitte will receive $230,000 for analyzing how MPD uses its time, according to city of Memphis human resources chief Alex Smith and city documents.