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Ohio SRO Placed on Leave for 'Arcing' TASER to Wake Sleeping Student

An officer with the Smithville (OH) Police Department has been placed on unpaid leave after reportedly "arcing" her TASER to wake a sleeping student.

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Kansas Officer who Shot Man Said She Meant to Deploy TASER

An officer with the Lawrence (KS) Police Department charged with aggravated battery for shooting and wounding a man says she thought she was deploying her TASER.

Georgia Chief Defends TASER Use on 87-Year-Old Knife-Wielding Woman

Chatsworth Police Chief Josh Etheridge defends his officer's deployment of a TASER on an 87-year-old woman because she refused to comply with commands to put down a knife she was holding near the property of the local Boys and Girls Club.

Mayor: 11-Year-Old Girl Struck by TASER Will Not be Charged with Shoplifting

According to reports, Officer Kevin Brown was investigating a group of juvenile girls suspected of stealing from the store. Brown reportedly approached one of the girls, but she ignored his commands to stop and kept walking out of the store. Brown fired his TASER, striking her in the back.

California Department Sees Setback in Effort to Get TASERs

San Francisco politicians abruptly cut funding for their police department to obtain TASERs, putting yet another roadblock in place in a years-long effort to add the ECDs to SFPD officers’ duty belts.

Chicago Police Department Now Fully Deployed with Axon's TASER Smart Weapons

Axon has announced that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is now fully deployed with nearly 7,000 TASER X2 Smart Weapons.

San Francisco Police Chief and Mayor Clash Over Ballot Initiative on TASERs

The mayor has long been a reliable ally of the powerful San Francisco Police Officers Association, the union that sponsored the ballot initiative.

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Axon CEO Rick Smith Relinquishes Salary for 10-Year Performance Plan

For the award to fully vest, Axon's market cap would have to grow ten-fold from recent levels to $13.5 billion, and key revenue and profitability goals would also have to be achieved.

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