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Shift Schedules

Dec. 2 POLICE Technology Experience to Highlight Intelligent Scheduling Technology

Sponsored by Schedule Express, the case study details how the Blaine PD was using multiple tools to manage its personnel and scheduling issues. Adopting Schedule Express made scheduling much easier.

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NYPD Changing Shift Schedule to Deal With Violence, Protests, COVID-19

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea ordered two-thirds of all cops under the rank of captain who have off both Saturdays and Sundays to switch their shifts.

More MN Police Departments Switching to 12-Hour Work Schedules

Most police officials say the officers prefer the arrangement over a conventional eight-hour day, citing improved mental health, increased productivity, and more coverage during peak times.

Baltimore Officers Put on 12-Hour Shifts Effective Immediately

Effective immediately, all patrol officers and detectives will be required to work 12-hour shifts, rather than their standard 10-hour shifts, and every sworn officer in the department capable of being deployed will be deployed.

MN County Volunteer Unit Launches Aladtec for Online Workforce Management

The Hennepin County (MN) Sheriff's Office Volunteer Services Division have found that a number of Aladtec features contribute to successfully managing their large group, including shift reminders, coverage finder, the library, and the discussions feature.

Patrol Shift Changes to Revolutionize Crime Fight, Baltimore Police Say

Baltimore police and city officials say a new police patrol schedule will put more officers on the streets at the most needed times, give officers more time off, and cut overtime spending.

Managing a Shift Schedule on the Home Front

A husband on a shift schedule has been known to drive a solid wife nutty, make a grown woman scream, or throw a calm child into tantrum mode. Living this way for any length of time is like living in a constant state of jet lag.

Detroit Chief Eliminates Mandatory 12-Hour Shifts

Detroit Police officers will not longer be required to work three 12-hour shifts, newly appointed Chief James Craig announced today. Beginning Oct. 14, Detroit PD officers will begin working eight-hour shifts.

Preparing Yourself for Duty

Planning is simple, it takes minutes to avoid hours of frustration. I stay amazed at those who don't listen or catch the weather reports.

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Maryland Police Lose Bargaining Rights

Voters in Montgomery County, Md., stripped the Fraternal Order of Police's Lodge 35 of some of its bargaining rights by approving the Question B measure.