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Seat Belts

Texas Deputy Killed in Crash, Responding to Burglary

He was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the crash, officials said. The other deputy involved in the crash was not seriously injured.

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(Video) 5 Tenets of "Below 100" Can Reduce Officer Deaths

POLICE Contributing Web Editor Doug Wyllie sits down with Below 100 Executive Director Roy Bethge to discuss the program and how it can reduce duty deaths.

Things That Matter Most

Don't wait until tragedy strikes to recognize the importance of taking a moment to ensure your safety.

Ford Announces 2 New Tools to Help Law Enforcement Manage Vehicle Fleets

A second product designed for police fleets takes data collected through the Data Services product and distills it into information that can help improve fleet efficiency and driver behavior. The application translates information from Ford vehicles to provide insights on fuel usage, carbon dioxide emissions, vehicle health and driver seatbelt usage.

An Officer Safety Reality Check

The best way to reduce line-of-duty deaths is to concentrate on safety issues that officers can control.

Officer Safety on the Road

Wear your body armor. Don't drive at speeds beyond your capabilities. And use your seat belt.

Louisiana Deputy Killed in On-Duty Crash

According to a statement from the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office, Deputy Justin L. Beard, 26, was killed Sunday morning while responding to a burglar alarm during a severe thunderstorm.

South Carolina Officer Killed in Wreck Wore No Seatbelt, Ran Light

A South Carolina police officer killed in a wreck while responding to a shooting call was not wearing her seatbelt, ran a red light at 64 mph, and never hit her brakes before the crash, according to an investigation.

Deputy's Patrol Car Overturns in Chase, With Sheriff as Passenger

A Shannon County, Mo., sheriff's deputy ran off a county road and overturned his patrol car while pursuing a fleeing driver on Monday afternoon. The sheriff was a passenger in that patrol car.

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FBI Says Ballistic Vests, Seat Belts Not Worn in Many Officer Deaths

Of the 46 officers killed by firearms in 2014, 11 were not wearing bullet-resistant vests. During the same period, 10 of 28 officers killed in vehicle accidents were not wearing seat belts. Six of the 10 auto accident victims, according to the FBI report, were ejected from their vehicles during the crashes.