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Police Impostors

Police Impostor Among 3 Arrested for Selling PCP in Oklahoma

One of three people arrested for allegedly selling PCP at an apartment complex in Oklahoma City on Wednesday was posing as a police officer at the time of her arrest.

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Maryland Man Arrested for Impersonating a Police Officer, Demanding Bribe

A Maryland man has been arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer and initiating a traffic stop last weekend.

California Man Arrested for Impersonating Police Officer

A California man was arrested for impersonating a police officer after he misrepresented himself in hopes of getting a free haircut late last week.

Armed California Woman in Tactical Vest Arrested for Impersonating Officer

A woman who was stopped by Costa Mesa (CA) Police because her Chevy Impala had an unauthorized light bar and "CA Exempt" license plates was arrested early last week for impersonating a police officer.

Police Impostor Attempts to Arrest Accused Murder Suspect

A man posing as a police officer in North Carolina joined actual police officers in a vehicle pursuit of a car suspected to be inhabited by a possible murder suspect in early October.

Former GA Officer Charged with 19 Counts of Impersonating an Officer

A former officer with the Wadley (GA) Police Department has been charged with 19 counts of impersonating an officer.

Police Impostor Threatens Strip Club Employee, Gets Arrested

A man who reportedly claimed to be a police officer during an argument with an employee of a strip club in Waverly, NE, early Sunday morning now faces criminal charges of making terroristic threats and impersonating a police officer.

Police Impostor Pulls Over Van Full of Police Detectives in New York

A New York man was arrested Friday after he allegedly tried to pull over a van full of police detectives.

Virginia Officers Investigating Suspected Police Impostor Making Traffic Stops

The Augusta County Sheriff's Office is investigating a second report of a police impersonator along a stretch of a local highway in the span of one week.

Police Imposter Reportedly Sexually Assaults Driver During Traffic Stop

Authorities in California are looking for a police impersonator who reportedly stopped a driver and sexually assaulted her on Wednesday night.