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3 More Not-So-Obvious Areas of Focus for Police Trainers in 2023

It's a worthwhile exercise to speak with officers, shift supervisors, academy instructors, and any other "stakeholder" in the organization to unearth and understand areas in which even the smallest most incremental improvement can be made through increased training.

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10 Tips for a New Police Chief

Whether you are a new chief, having recently been promoted or selected for the position, or you are an experienced chief who has moved to a new agency, there are several steps you can take to set yourself, and your agency, up for success.

10 Tips for Felony/High Risk Traffic Stops

“It's a nationwide epidemic in law enforcement, cops at the end of pursuits or situations running up to vehicles. It's the worst thing we could be doing. It's getting people killed,” says Mike Willis. “This has got to stop. This mindset has got to stop. Let's stay back behind cover and do it safer.”

5 Things to Know Before Buying VR Training Systems

When police chiefs find it is time to invest in VR training systems, where do they begin? What should they know before they buy?

10 Tips for Field Training Officers

Think of an FTO as a football coach shaping, leading, and preparing a new member of his team. He or she needs to be prepared and bring the right skillset and methods to the table for best training the new recruits.

5 More Quotes for Trainers: Maxims and Mantras to Hammer Home Instruction

Smart, strategic, subtle placement of appropriate quotations can help instructors cement into students' minds important lessons that—in the context of police training—could one day save a life.

Why Police Should Invest in Training "Above and Beyond" State Requirements

Taking on the challenge of attending training above and beyond what is merely required can have myriad benefits—from increasing the prospects of promotion to simply preventing an untimely demise.

Cops Provided a Way to Learn Proper Wildfire Response

The Ready, Set, Go! materials point out the critical role law enforcement plays when an evacuation from a wildfire is needed. Information is provided both in a detailed, yet concise, video as well as a flyer, which IAFC suggests can be kept in patrol cars.

GA Police Department Fields Swiftwater Rescue Team

If the water rescue is something that the patrol officer cannot safely perform, Sgt. Andrew Rausch says the best action is to keep an eye on the victim and wait for a swiftwater team, whether fire or police, to arrive.

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Quotes That Hammer Home Police Training Lessons

Police trainers frequently use quotes and historical references to hammer home their instruction for a variety of reasons. Here are five quotes utilized by five notable law enforcement trainers.

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