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Going Beyond Succession Planning: "Training Up" Policing's Next Generation

Succession planning should be introduced during recruiting and initial academy training, integrated into in-service training and career development, and influence overall employee retention objectives.

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Missouri Agency's "Tactical Longevity Training" Reflects Emphasis on Wellness

It has become abundantly clear that agencies must now become more proactive about providing the tools for officers to recognize, respond to, and recover from the harmful impact of their exposure to traumatic events.

Why (and How) Officers Train for Successfully Delivering Courtroom Testimony

Agencies should provide officers with every opportunity to become better prepared for their "role in the criminal justice system" when they're tasked with taking the stand in testimony against an accused suspect at trial.

Charity Provides Free Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training to Patrol Cops

“A blue belt level of knowledge is a night-and-day difference from someone who has no experience in jiu-jitsu. It's not even a fair fight at that point."

Training in the Era of De-Policing: Adjusting to Shifting Public Opinion

De-policing in America has led many cities to record-high homicide rates, along with tragic increases in every manner of crime. But perhaps the tide is turning. Perhaps However, the mounting toll of lost lives, lost property, and lost sense of community safety seems to scream for "refunding" the police.

CA Doc Turned Cop Builds TacMed Program at Small Department

“I keep telling people that emergency medicine, which is what I used to do, is very similar to law enforcement in that it’s really problem focused. You're sent to a problem to take care of the problem and move on to the next."

Sheriff's Call to Shoot Home Intruders Prompts Reminders on Armed Citizens

Sheriff Bob Johnson's remarks at recent a news conference are tacit commentary on one of the most interesting outcomes of the de-funding and de-policing movement in America—record numbers of Americans are becoming first-time gun owners and defending themselves against rising crime.

Involuntary Manslaughter Case Against Idaho Officer Dismissed

The case was dismissed on the condition that Cerdas undergo 100 hours of firearms and use of force training and that he remain on "modified duty." The case could be refiled if he doesn't complete the training, court officials said. Once the training is completed, he will be allowed to return to patrol duties.

Training in the Era of De-Policing: Developing Law Enforcement Leaders

As horrendous as the effects of de-policing have been—in many places a society looking a lot like a combination of Mad Max and The Purge—those effects may eventually be outweighed in the long run by an increased emphasis on training the next generation of police leaders.

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Why Every Law Enforcement Trainer Should Attend ILEETA

The annual conference of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) offers more than 130 courses and more than two dozen instructor certifications on topics including use of force policy, defensive tactics techniques, leadership development, legal updates, and more.

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