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Lake Mary, FL 32746

DART is a new direction in virtual firearms training, focused on the needs of small to medium sized police departments. Like most simulation training systems, DART is an effective tool for providing more frequent, more intense weapons and use-of-force training without the cost, logistical problems, or safety concerns of a live-fire range. However, unlike other simulators, DART uses leading-edge technology to make this type of training accessible to even the smallest departments. We do this by focusing on size, affordability, and ease-of use. DART is the smallest professional simulation system available. This means that it can be set up in practically any sized room in just a few minutes. And when training is done, the system can be stored in a very small case. This makes training more accessible to departments that may not have large, dedicated training rooms required by other simulators. DART fits within the budget of even the smallest departments. A complete system – which includes everything you need to begin training today – costs less than $10,000, which is a fraction of the cost of other systems. In fact, compared to the expense of live-fire training, DART can pay for itself in less than a year. DART was designed from the very beginning to be easy to use. DART does not require a dedicated system admin to run as some system do. Course can be loaded and run by a single person 15 minutes prior or following a shift. And every DART system comes with course creation software designed to let you build or change courses of fire to meet your departments specific training budget. We because that nothing is more important than making sure our officers receive proper training. That’s why we built DART; to help overcome the limitations of existing training methods and bring frequent and effective tactics and firearms training to police departments of all sizes.

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