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Rhode Island Officer Rescues 96-Year-Old Woman from Fire

An officer with the Coventry Police Department rescued a 96-year-old woman from a building fire in the early morning hours on Wednesday.

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Off-Duty New Jersey Trooper Revives Unconscious Drowning Victim

A New Jersey State Trooper on a family vacation in Florida performed life-saving CPR on a 7-year-old girl who was found face down in a swimming pool.

Idaho Officer, Dispatcher Credited with Saving Heart Attack Victim

An officer and a dispatcher with the Pocatello Police Department are credited with saving the life of a man who suffered a massive heart attack early Saturday morning.

Video: South Carolina Deputy Saves Choking Baby's Life

In the video, the baby appears limp as she struggles for air, and begins turning blue.

Ohio Officer Saves the Lives of Seven People in One Day

Officer Aaron Franklin freed six teens trapped in a storm drain being filled with rushing waters form a local creek. A short time later, he came upon an unconscious man who had crashed his truck into two cars; the officer administered Narcan and then performed CPR.

New Jersey Trooper Revives Electrocuted Man on Turnpike

A New Jersey State trooper who was working traffic detail at a construction site on the New Jersey Turnpike saw two workers electrocuted at the job site and revived one of the men by performing CPR.

Rhode Island Officers Save Choking Baby

Both officers ran to her, finding a 16-month-old baby not breathing with her lips turned light blue.

Teen Says CO Trooper Saved Her from Fiery Crash

Another truck barreled into the scene. “I heard it hit the cars and then saw all the fire, and heard the explosion. I was still on the phone with my mom, who thought she was listening to her daughter die,” Witter says.

Video: 2 Georgia Officers Honored for Rescuing Man from Burning Vehicle

Officers Kelly Horne and William Palmer were honored for their heroics in a ceremony held late last week, winning the department's Lifesaving Medal Award.

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Video: Off-Duty California Officers Save Woman's Life After Harrowing Crash

An off-duty deputy with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department witnessed a violent single-vehicle crash about a hundred yards ahead of him on a freeway.