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International Agencies

London Police Officer Murdered in Station Headquarters

An officer with the London Metropolitan Police Department was gunned down inside a department station house in the Croydon neighborhood on Friday morning, the agency said in a statement.

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British Firefighters Free Training Officer from His Own Handcuffs

An officer in Northamptonshire—a city in central England—had to have firefighters snip him out of a jam involving his own handcuffs early Tuesday.

Mexican Officer Murdered While Driving Home After Shift

A, officer with the Juárez Police Department was shot and killed late Wednesday night while heading home after his shift had ended, according to reports.

United Kingdom Man Jailed for Spitting in Face of Officer Claiming COVID-19

A man who spat in a police officer's face in Croydon Crown Court in south London and lied about having Coronavirus said he did it because he was "stressed."

4 Australian Officers Hit by Truck and Killed During Traffic Stop

The fallen officers are two male constables, one female senior constable and one male senior constable. It is believed one of the officers was new to the force, while the others were more “seasoned and experienced”.

Indian Officer's Hand Chopped Off While Enforcing Coronavirus Lockdown

An officer with the Punjab Police in India had his hand chopped off with a sword while he was attempting to enforce the lockdown put in place by the government amid the spread of COVID-19.

British Man Jailed for Coughing on Police Officer, Claiming COVID-19 Illness

The incident reportedly happened on Tuesday afternoon and the courts in England were quick to act.

Berlin Police Beg Public to Stop Calling With Dumb Coronavirus Questions

Police in Berlin, Germany, said on Thursday their emergency phone line had been swamped with questions about the lockdown imposed by authorities in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Two Police Officers in Mexico Killed in Separate Attacks

Two police officers in Juarez, Mexico, were killed in separate attacks on Wednesday.

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Police Officer Killed in Avalanche in Austrian Alps

A police officer was killed in an avalanche during a training exercise in the Austrian Alps this week.