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British Police Investigate Drone Incursion at Heathrow Airport

Departures were halted at Heathrow Airport just west of London on Tuesday due to a reported drone incursion into the airspace.

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Australian Police Called Over Man Attempting to Kill a Spider

A person passing a home in a suburb of Perth called police after hearing a screaming child inside with a man yelling "Why won't you die?"

British Officer Lauded for Ending Knife Attack on New Year's Eve

An officer with British Transport Police said that his "instincts took over" when he heard screams coming from a rail platform.

Police in England Arrest 39 Following Stabbing

Police said the unusual mass arrest was necessary because the suspects refused to cooperate with police following the stabbing.

Japanese Police Install Nationwide Network of Surveillance Cameras to Protect Children

Citing concerns of increasing crimes targeting school children, the National Police Agency in Japan has begun to deploy a nationwide network of surveillance cameras along roads frequently used by children walking to and from school.

British Police Release 2 Arrested Following Gatwick Airport Drone Intrusion

Police in the United Kingdom have released two people—who have not yet been identified—arrested after an incursion of at least one drone into the airspace of Gatwick airport last week.

French Police Chief Fatally Stabbed Over "Dog Ban"

Chief Pascale Filoe was transported to a nearby hospital but later died from his injuries. He was a father of three.

K-9 in England Stabbed Four Times During Arrest

The K-9 is now making a good recovery from his injuries, Derbyshire Police said on Twitter.

German Police Set Up Fake Traffic Collision to Test Citizen Response

Police in Germany wanted to discover how many people would stop to help victims of a roadside crash, so they set up a fake accident scene complete with two victims made to appear to be badly injured.

Squad Car Collides with Bus in England, Injuring 10

Four people were taken to hospital and six more received minor injuries when a police car answering an emergency call collided with a bus.