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In My Sights

Dave Smith: A Deeper Hurt

When officers need emotional and mental help, each of us has a responsibility to support each other.

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Dave Smith: At the End of the Day

Put in the hard work to establish a healthy relationship with your loved ones at home, and you'll all reap the benefits.

Dave Smith: Film at Eleven

We need to constantly speak the truth to counteract the anti-police propaganda being promoted in our society.


It is tough to have effective training when the troops are not receptive to the message.

Letting Go

Decide to live in the now, dealing with the things you can control.

When You Work for a Jerk

Who among us hasn't worked for a jerk and found ourselves dreading the moment we had to pull into the parking lot at the beginning of the workday?

Lessons Learned

First and foremost, the recordings reveal that force is ugly. It is not the "one punch, hero wins, bad guy goes down," movie action the public has been conditioned to expect. 

Ornery Little Facts

Police are not the enemy of the American public despite what the activists and media say.

Wide Open Spaces

As it turned out, this was a perfect example of the "bad assignment" that resulted in many positive outcomes.

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The Will to Keep Going

Often ambush attacks are so sudden and violent the officer's doom seems certain, yet they manage to overcome the bushwhacking…but how?