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gun grabs

Texas Officer Fatally Shoots Woman After She Grabs His TASER

Video of the incident was recorded by a witness and posted on social media. In the video, the woman can be heard shouting "I'm pregnant" before she was shot, but a family member said that claim wasn't true and the woman had mental health issues.

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Michigan Legislator Wants Tougher Penalties on Criminals Who Disarm Police

Mueller, who recently retired after 19 years as a Livingston County sheriff’s deputy, speaks from experience. Suspects attempted to disarm him on two separate occasions during the course of his career.

Murder Suspect Shot, Killed in Toledo Police Station After TASER Grab

Police say the suspect, who was in police custody, was shot and killed when police say he charged at an officer and grabbed that officer's TASER.

Michigan Woman Punches Police Officer, Tries to Grab Gun, Eats Diamond Earrings, Police Say

On Twitter, Troy Police wrote on Tuesday: “A Troy officer was assaulted while arresting a woman for trespassing. She punched him, and then tried to grab his gun. The suspect, once in our lock up, punched a police service aide. The officer and service aide are OK, thankfully.”

Video: Oregon Man Tries to Grab Officer's Gun in Courtroom Confrontation

An Oregon man—identified as 27-year-old Patrick Lemmon—abruptly got up from his seat and attempted to grab the gun of an officer sitting just feet to his left. The incident was captured on video made public on YouTube by The Oregonian.

NFL Team Raises Money in Honor of Slain Arizona Trooper

“It’s great that the team can be a vehicle for the whole community to participate in this fundraiser,” Cardinals President Michael Bidwill said during Saturday’s event.

Florida Officer Was Killed With His Duty Weapon, Report Says

Desmaret reportedly hovered over the officer, reached for the officer's gun, and pulled it from his duty belt and fired.

Arizona Trooper Killed, Another Wounded in Gun Grab Attack

Trooper Tyler Edenhofer was shot and killed. Edenhofer had just graduated from the DPS academy on May 4 and was an officer-in-training.

North Carolina Officer Shot on Sunday Now Home Recovering from Injuries

The High Point (NC) police officer shot on Sunday night is now home recovering from his injuries.

Massachusetts Officer Shot, Killed with Own Gun

Officer Michael Chesna, 42, was killed when a suspect identified as Emanuel Lopes, 20, struck Chesna in the head with a large rock, took his gun and then shot Chesna in the head and chest, the Norfolk District Attorney's Office said.