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Emotionally Disturbed Person

California Department Launches Mental Health "Strike Teams"

A new effort is underway in San Jose (CA) to help police officers better respond to individuals in mental health crisis.

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PA Shooting That Sparked Protests and Riots Ruled Justified

District Attorney Heather Adams made the announcement at a press conference Wednesday morning, saying that the officer was justified in the use of deadly force.

Florida Officer Stabbed by Suspect After Foot Pursuit

When Dep. Williams tried to take the man into custody, "(the suspect) pulled the knife out and stabbed Deputy Williams in the neck before fleeing the area and ignoring verbal commands to stop," the sheriff's office said on Facebook.

(Video) Dealing with EDPs on 911 Calls for Service

Nick Greco, who helps train police officers on Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) and handling individuals with mental illness or emotional distress, discusses how to approach EDPs on calls.

NYPD Ordered to Stop Referring to Mentally Ill as "EDPs"

The long-established term "EDP" will be abandoned in favor of “mental health calls,” sources said.

Guidance Counselor Punches New York Officer at School

A guidance counselor at Grover Cleveland High School in Queens was arrested on Wednesday for punching a police officer in the face during a dispute inside the school.

California Officers Shoot Suspect Who Was Pelting Passing Cars with Rocks

Officers from the Montclair (CA) Police Department were called to respond to reports that a man was throwing rocks at passing cars.

Man Shot by Ohio Police at Hospital Had Reached for Officer's Gun

Officers arrived to find 38-year-old Cory Fraley in distress, saying "I'm ready to die" before lunging for an officer's sidearm.

How to Respond to an Emotionally Disturbed Person

In dealing with EDPs, one must use a variety of skillsets to de-escalate or defuse situations, requiring officers to communicate respectfully, practice active listening, and avoid stereotyping.

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NYPD Releases Footage of Fatal Police Shooting of Man Holding Pipe Like a Gun

Near the end of the video, Vassell can be seen approaching an intersection and pointing the object in what looks like a two-handed shooting stance. More Here.