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CHP Officer Struck by Suspected DUI Driver

A 15-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries when he was struck by a suspected drunk driver while directing traffic on a state highway on Saturday night.

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California Police Getting Closer to Deploying Marijuana Breathalyzers

Police agencies in California are getting closer to acquiring and deploying new technology that can reportedly detect the presence of TCH in the system of drivers suspected of driving under the influence.

Arrested for DUI, Florida Couple Attempts to have Sex in Back of Squad

A Florida couple arrested for DUI reportedly attempted to have sexual intercourse in the back of the patrol vehicle transporting them to jail.

Colorado Man Crashes Scooter Into Denver Officer, Faces DUI Charges

A man faces DUI charges after he reportedly crashed a scooter into an officer with the Denver Police Department on Saturday afternoon.

Texas Officer Recovering After Being Struck By Suspected DUI Driver

An officer with the Boerne Police Department is recovering from injuries sustained when she was struck by a suspected drunk driver while directing traffic at a Friday night high school football game.

Texas Motor Officer Struck, Injured by Suspected DUI Driver

A motor officer with the Austin (TX) Police Department was struck and transported to a nearby hospital with a fractured hip.

2 Washington Officers Injured in Vehicle Collision with Suspected DUI Driver

Two officers with the Arlington (WA) Police Department suffered reportedly minor injuries when their vehicle was struck by a suspected drunken driver on Thursday morning.

SCOTUS Affirms Police Can Draw Blood From Unconscious Drivers

In a 5-4 vote on Thursday, the Supreme Court upheld a Wisconsin law that says people driving on a public road have impliedly consented to having their blood drawn if police suspect them of driving under the influence. It also said that "exigent circumstances" permit police to obtain a blood sample without a warrant.

Louisiana Trooper Injured in Crash, Suspect Charged with DWI

The crash happened shortly before 11:45 p.m. Thursday while the trooper was parked in a construction zone.

TX Officer Hit by DUI Suspect Saturday Lost Leg

San Marcos Police Chief Chase Stapp said the impact from the vehicle instantly severed Cormier’s leg. Police officers — including Cormier’s husband, a San Marcos officer also on duty that night — rushed to the scene. A nurse from Seton Medical Center Hays who happened to be passing by stopped to help.