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Dog Attacks

New Jersey Officer Attacked at Home by K-9 Partner

Pirchio was attempting to feed the animal at their Northfield home when it got distracted and turned on her, attacking her legs, arms and hands.

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Video: Cincinnati Officers Rescue 6-year-old girl from Dog Attack

Four Cincinnati officers are being hailed as heroes for saving a 6-year-old girl from a dog attack.

Cincinnati Officers Rescue 6-year-old girl from Dog Attack

On-board cruiser video shows Cincinnati police officers shoot, kill two pit bulls and rescue a 6-year-old girl. The officers are being praised by the community for their response. Read Full Story Here

Dog Owner Files Claim Against Police

The man whose Rottweiler was shot and killed filed a claim with the city that will likely lead to a lawsuit over the incident. Leon Rosby took the first step toward suing the Hawthorne (Calif.) Police Department for $25,000 in damages.

A Blog About Dogs

As I aimed the barrel of my revolver at the dog's head I also took note that while its head was on this side of the screen door, its body was on the other. By applying pressure to the screen door I allowed the dog to decide whether or not to release its 235-psi bite volitionally, or ballistically.

Michigan Cop Shoots, Kills 'Satan' Pit Bull

A Muskegon (Mich.) Police officer shot and killed an agitated pit bull who had charged him in an alley on Wednesday.

N.C. Cops Improperly Euthanized Dog

Two Thomasville (N.C.) Police officers have been "counseled" by their superiors after they improperly euthanized a wounded dog, which had been shot by one of the officers after it charged him.

N.Y. Man Accused of Releasing Pit Bulls on Officers

Officers responding to a domestic dispute at a Rochester, N.Y., home faced two charging pit bulls, allegedly released by a man who refused to respond to repeated attempts to contact him.

Slain Pa. Cop Had Pointed Stun Gun at Attacking Dogs

Officer Robert Lasso was shot and killed after responding to a disturbance call at a home, where he was attacked by two dogs. The officer fired a stun gun at the dogs, prompting the suspect to fire his shotgun at the officer.

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TASER and OC Fail To Stop Bulldog Attack on Patrol Car

When he felt his patrol car shaking while writing a report, a Chattanooga (Tenn.) police officer exited his vehicle to investigate. Officer Clayton Holmes, who had been running radar, saw a bulldog chewing on his vehicle.