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District of Columbia

Metro D.C. Officer Struck by Vehicle Seriously Injured

An officer with the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department was struck by a passing vehicle and severely injured while directing traffic at the scene of a collision involving a suspected stolen vehicle over the weekend.

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Washington, DC, Police Close 1990s Serial Rape Case After Forensic Genealogy Investigation

On Wednesday morning, authorities arrested Giles Daniel Warrick, 60. Police attribute 10 attacks in all to the suspect; they have charged him in eight, including first-degree murder and rape.

Off-Duty DC Metro Officer Working Security Job Shoots Two Suspects

An off-duty officer with the Washington DC Metro Police Department was reportedly working a part-time security job when he encountered a group of individuals, at least one of whom was reportedly armed with a weapon.

DC Officer Saved by Body Armor in Gunfight, Suspect Killed

An officer with the Metropolitan Police Department was shot and saved by body armor and a suspect was killed in a gunfight in the Southeast section of Washington, DC, on Monday night.

Capitol Police Arrest 70 at Immigration Protests at Senate Office Building

The United States Capitol Police arrested 70 people at a protest taking place at Russell Senate Office Building on Thursday.

D.C. Metro Officer Will Not Face Charges for Off-Duty Shooting

An officer with the Washington D.C. Metro Police Department who shot and killed a man while off duty in May 2018 will not face charges for the incident.

D.C. Metro Officer Accused of Taking $15,000 in Bribes

According to the Washington Post, Officer Walter Lee was charged in federal court and has been suspended from duty pending the proceedings.

U.S. Capitol Police Service Weapon Found in Capitol Bathroom

A lieutenant with the U.S. Capitol Police reportedly left his service weapon unattended earlier this week, and it was found later by another Capitol Police officer during a "routine safety sweep."

DC Officer Training Now Includes African-American History

The department is partnering with the University of the District of Columbia Community College as well as the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture to improve the city’s community policing.

D.C. Officer Challenges Teen to Dance Off

The officer and teenager made it a dance-off. According to Taylor, the officer told the group that if Taylor won, she could stay. If the officer won, the group had to leave. More Here.