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Citizen Involvement

New York Officer Stabbed in Head, Good Samaritans Subdue Suspect

An officer with the Rochester (NY) Police Department suffered a knife wound to the head on Friday.

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Wisconsin Department to Test Mobile App for Non-Emergency Reports

The Oshkosh (WI) Police Department announced plans to enable citizens to use a mobile app to report non-emergency incidents to the agency.

Tennessee Officer Shoots Man Who Reportedly Struck Him With Vehicle

An officer with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department who was struck by a suspect driving a Chrysler 300 sedan early Saturday morning fired on the subject, wounding him.

Come Hell or High Water: Policing in Natural Disasters

Policing in an area where a natural disaster is actively unfolding presents some unique challenges. Let's examine some of them so that when tragedy strikes in your jurisdiction—whether that's a hurricane, a tornado, a flash flood, a blizzard, an earthquake, a volcano, a wildfire, or something else—you've got a handle on what you've got to handle.

North Dakota Department Welcomes New K-9

Officers with the Mandan Police Department have welcomed a new two-year-old German Shepherd to its ranks, the agency said.

Good Samaritans Come to Aid of California Officer Struggling with Suspect

Three Good Samaritans came to the aid of a deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department who was in a potentially deadly struggle with a suspect who was reportedly attempting to take the deputy's gun.

Good Samaritan Helps Canadian Officer Save Drowning Woman

A young man saw an officer about to jump into an indoor pool to save a woman from drowning and bravely jumped in to assist in the effort.

Video: Good Samaritans Help NYPD Officer Free Hand Stuck in Squad Trunk

A group of Good Samaritans can be seen in a video helping a desperate police officer free his finger that was stuck in the trunk of an NYPD cruiser in Manhattan.

Good Samaritans Come to Aid of Texas Officer Taking Down Suspect

An officer in Texas got an assist from a couple of Good Samaritans—one of whom plays rugby and is adept at making an open-field tackle—in taking down a suspect last week.

California Agency Recognizes Good Samaritan for Detaining Assault Suspect

The Santa Cruz (CA) Police Department has awarded an anonymous Good Samaritan—who intervened when an alleged assault occurred on a local store owner—a Chief's Commendation and Challenge Coin.