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Video: Man Sets Patrol Vehicle On Fire Outside California Police Station

A California man has been arrested on suspicion of arson after surveillance video showed him douse a parked patrol vehicle in an undetermined flammable liquid and set the car ablaze early Thursday morning.

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Union Representative Says Georgia Officer Was Victim of Arson Attack

An officer with the Atlanta Police Department was the victim of an arson attack, according to Ken Allen, a retired detective and representative for the Atlanta Police Union.

Arizona Officer Shot at Scene of Arson Fire, Suspect Killed

The suspect fled the area and retreated to an area where DPS says he "previously set up a strategic advantage of cover, utilizing a block wall and his vehicle for protection." The suspect had rifles, a handgun and ammunition.

How To Work With Fire Rescue

It's important to communicate with firefighters and rescue personnel and not get in each other's way.

Police, Firefighters in Arkansas Town Targeted by Arsonist

Someone is targeting Cotton Plant, AR, police and firefighters, setting fires to their homes and vandalizing their vehicles since February, according to officials in the Woodruff County town.

Burning Florida Police Cruiser Found with Black Lives Matter Note

A Daytona Beach, FL, police patrol vehicle was found completely engulfed in flames early Sunday with a note reading "Black Lives Matter," authorities said.

Man Gets 19 to Life for Arson Murder of NYPD Officer

A Brooklyn teenager was sentenced on Tuesday to 19 years to life in prison for having set fire to a mattress in a hallway of his apartment building, resulting in the death of a police officer who responded to the blaze.

2 Chicago Officers Hospitalized After Man Sets Self on Fire at Festival

Two Chicago police officers were injured Sunday evening after a man attending a festival set himself and a building on fire in the city's Heart of Chicago neighborhood.

Man Found Guilty of Murder for 2014 Arson Fire that Killed NYPD Officer

Marcell Dockery was found guilty on all three counts he was facing — second-degree murder, first-degree assault and fourth-degree arson.

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Video: Ohio SWAT Officer in Critical Condition After Standoff

A 27-year veteran of the Columbus (OH) Police Department shot while sitting in a SWAT vehicle during a standoff over the weekend remains in critical condition.