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Anti-Police Sentiment

Guest Editorial: Police Are Not Brutal Racists

First, let’s start with something that is indisputable, and no one has said it better than Charleston (SC) Police Chief Luther Reynolds. “There is no department in this country that doesn’t have the room to get better,” he declared.

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In Memphis, an Absence of Training, Accountability, Answers, and Justification

Viewing—and contemplating—the video recording of the deadly incident in Memphis is somewhat reminiscent of the scene in Apocalypse Now depicting Captain Benjamin Willard and Colonel Walter talking about the reason for their meeting in the jungle.

Tracking Device Found on NYPD Patrol Car

The coin-sized tracking device, which connects to Apple’s “Find My” network, was discovered on the police car Sunday. The AirTag had been placed in a small plastic baggie.

Reconciling the Duality of Defunding the Police and Demanding Higher Standards

The public, the press, and the political elites make all sorts of noise about wanting the very best of the best from the police. This legitimate desire—demand, even—is at least in part delegitimized when it comes from the same people who have vilified and eviscerated the police for the past half-decade.

2022 in Review: Police Trainers Speak Out on the Year's Toughest Challenges

Responding to an informal—and totally unscientific—poll, law enforcement educators and trainers from around the country pointed to shrinking budgets and increasing anti-police sentiment, but paramount in the list of challenges facing them in the past 12 months was officer recruiting and retention.

2022 in Review: 3 Police Leaders' Thoughts on the Recruiting & Retention Crisis

Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) Executive Director Chuck Wexler, National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President Patrick Yoes, and International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Deputy Executive Director Brian Willis offer ideas on what many people believe was the most difficult challenge police leaders and trainers faced in 2022.

2022 in Review: 3 General Trends Dominating the Headlines on Police Training

Over the past year, the news has largely tended to fall into three main categories: budgets/inflation, de-escalation training, and recruiting/retention—the ongoing focus on these three topics is entirely unsurprising.

Dave Smith: Deny the Lies

The untruths that have been spread about law enforcement share some of the characteristics of totalitarian propaganda.

Anti-Police Vandals Damage Atlanta SWAT Facility

The office is part of the DeKalb County site where the Atlanta Police Department is planning to construct an expanded public safety training complex. Opponents have dubbed it "Cop City."

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What the 2022 National Elections May Mean for Policing (All Hope is Local)

With no "red wave" of victories among largely pro-police Republican candidates for public office in this year's midterm elections, hopes that the "defund-the-police" movement had finally met its end have been all but washed away.

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