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Tennessee Officer Killed in Vehicle Collision

Officer John Anderson with the Metro Nashville Police Department was killed in a crash with a fleeing suspect vehicle near downtown Nashville early Thursday morning.

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Police Chief Pushes Back Against Town Government for Dissolving Department

The former chief of police for the Ridgetop (TN) Police Department says that the action by the town political leaders to dissolve the department due to budget constraints only tells half the story.

An Open Letter to Knox County Sheriff's Detective Grayson Fritts

According to Knox News, Detective Grayson Fritts—who is also a pastor at a local church—delivered a sermon in early June in which he said that the government should execute members of the LGBTQ community. You read that right—he called for state-sanctioned mass-murder of an entire population of people. His comments were reprehensible and anathema to the oath LEOs take to protect and serve their communities.

TN County Officials Decline to Discipline Detective Over Homophobic Sermon

Knox County, TN, officials debated on Monday whether or not to approve a strongly worded response to a detective who delivered a sermon at his church earlier this month that called for state-sponsored execution of members of the LGBTQ community.

Judge Blocks City's Decision to Dissolve Police Department

A judge has temporarily blocked the decision of the mayor and the city council to dissolve the Ridgetop (TN) Police Department.

MS Gang Threatens Officers Over Fatal Memphis Shooting

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety released a bulletin to law enforcement on Thursday evening warning of the threat by the Gangster Disciples street gang.

25 Officers Injured in Riot After Fatal OIS by U.S. Marshals

At least 25 officers were injured in Memphis in a riot sparked when United States Marshals shot and killed a man with multiple warrants Wednesday.

Tennessee Officer "Saves" Prom for Graduating Student

An officer with the Memphis Police Department is being hailed for an act of kindness that enabled a young woman to attend her senior prom.

Tennessee Agency Welcomes New K-9 to the Ranks

Officers with the Jonesborough (TN) Police Department welcomed their newest K-9 to the ranks on Tuesday at a ceremony held in front of the agency's headquarters building.

Officer Wounded in Gunfight at Chattanooga Restaurant

An officer with the Chattanooga (TN) Police Department was wounded in an armed confrontation outside a Waffle House restaurant early Sunday.