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Kansas Man Who Opened Fire on Police is Shot and Killed

Officers with the Wichita (KS) Police Department who came under fire from a 56-year-old gunman on Thursday morning returned fire, fatally wounding the man.

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Florida Police Fatally Shoot Man After SWAT Standoff

A man who was holding a woman hostage was shot and killed by an officer with the Davie (FL) Police Department following an hours-long standoff.

Florida Law Enforcers Peacefully End 8-Hour Standoff with Armed Suspect

Deputies, officers, and federal law enforcement personnel were able to peacefully end a standoff with an armed, barricaded suspect on Monday in Hawthorne, FL.

Kansas Sheriff and Undersheriff Shot, Suspect Dead

After Sheriff Evans was shot, Madden reportedly exchanged gunfire with additional responding law enforcement officers. Over the next several hours, the law enforcement attempted to safely determine the suspect's location in the home.

Kansas Man in Custody After Allegedly Shooting at Police

A man is in custody after he reportedly opened fire on officers with the Leawood (KS) Police Department immediately prior to a six-hour standoff on Saturday night.

Michigan Officer Shot, Suspect Killed in Standoff

A Deputy with the Jackson County (MI) Sheriff's Office was shot late Wednesday while responding to a domestic violence call.

Video: GA Police Release Body Camera Footage of Gunfight that Led to Barricaded Standoff

The Henry County (GA) Police Department on Friday released body camera video of the confrontation between a gunman and three of its officers in which two officers were wounded and the gunman subsequently barricaded himself in the residence.

3 Dead After 15-Hour Standoff in New Hampshire

Three people are dead after a 15-hour standoff at a hotel in Manchester ended with a suspect opening fire on officers outside, and officers returning fire.

Chicago Standoff Ends Peacefully—3 Subjects in Custody

The standoff lasted nearly seven hours on Sunday, and when it was over, three people had been taken into custody for questioning.

South Carolina Standoff Ends Without Incident as Burglary Suspect Surrenders

Officers with the Charleston (SC) Police Department were able to bring an armed standoff with a burglary suspect to a peaceful conclusion when the subject surrendered without incident on Wednesday afternoon.