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Video: Swatting Hoax Brings Police Response to South Carolina Reserve Officer's Home

McCord's home surveillance cameras captured scenes of officers surrounding the house and McCord's brother-in-law walking out of the home with his hands up as officers shout commands. McCord also surrendered in compliance with officers' commands.

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Illinois Agency Thanks SC Police for "Arrest" of Disney's Elsa for Frigid Winter Weather

The McLean (IL) Police Department is trying to have some semblance of fun with the brutally cold weather gripping much of the northern United States.

South Carolina Deputy Struck by Car Suffers Non-Life-Threatening Injuries

A deputy with the Greenville County (SC) Sheriff's Office was reportedly struck by a vehicle that suddenly drove at him as he responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle.

South Carolina Man Shot, Killed Following Standoff with Police

Deputies with the Union County (SC) Sheriff's Office came under fire while responding to a call of a man with a gun. The man had reportedly discharged his firearm a number of times before returning to his home.

South Carolina Officer Files Suit Against Chief Alleging Sexual Assault

An officer with the Marion (SC) Police Department has filed a lawsuit against that's city's former chief and the City of Marion, claiming she was raped by Chief Dewayne Tennie on multiple occasions.

South Carolina Deputies Use Humorous Facebook Post to Taunt Fugitive

Deputies with the Berkeley County (SC) Sheriff's Office used a little humor to let a man who ran from them late last week know that they're aware of his identity, and will probably have him in custody soon.

South Carolina School Resource Officer Accused of Domestic Abuse Fired

A school resource officer with the Orangeburg (SC) Department of Public Safety has been fired following charges filed against him for third degree domestic violence.

South Carolina Jail Escapee Fatally Shot by Homeowner During Break-in

McLaughlin was shot by the homeowner after he broke into her house through the back door, Sheriff Clark said. He said the woman lived alone and had a concealed-weapons permit. The home is less than a half-mile away from the detention center.

South Carolina Detention Deputy Charged with Impersonating Police Officer

A detention deputy with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is facing charges that he impersonated a law enforcement officer and had installed a police light bar on his vehicle.

Man Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Attempted Murder of South Carolina Officer

Mike Blake Jr.—found guilty of the attempted murder of Officer Cory Goldstein of the Charleston Police Department—has been sentenced to life without parole.