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Rescue from Drowning

Good Samaritan Helps Canadian Officer Save Drowning Woman

A young man saw an officer about to jump into an indoor pool to save a woman from drowning and bravely jumped in to assist in the effort.

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Alabama Officer Saves Woman from Vehicle Crashed into Lake

An officer with the Tuskegee University Police Department rescued a woman whose car crashed into a lake early Sunday morning.

OceanAlpha Launches Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle (USRV)

According to OceanAlpha, its Dolphin 1 water rescue robot can be easily stored, transported, and deployed.

New York Marine Unit Rescues Man from Hudson River

Officers from the marine unit for the Westchester (NY) County Police Department rescued a man over the weekend who had fallen off a jet ski and was left floating in the Hudson River for 45 minutes.

San Francisco Officer Awarded for Off-Duty Heroism in Saving Drowning Boy

Officer Miguel Cortez was given the Distinguished Service Award by Sunnyvale DPS for saving the life of a boy who had fallen into a swimming pool.

Chicago Police Form Human Chain Across Ice to Rescue Man, Dog from Lake Michigan

Officers with the Chicago Police Department are being lauded for their bravery, quick thinking and teamwork as they rescued a 33-year-old man who had fallen through the ice on Lake Michigan in an effort to save his puppy, which had also fallen into the frigid water.

Florida Officer Holds Elderly Woman's Head above Water in Sinking Car

Officer Jonathan DePierre was the first on the scene of the incident in which a vehicle was reported to be sinking in a lake.

Michigan Officer Commandeers Kayak to Save Woman from Sinking Car

A quick thinking sergeant with the Trenton (MI) Police Department commandeered a kayak at the edge of the Detroit River after a woman was seen in a sinking vehicle in the waterway.

New York Officers Rescue Man from Icy Water in Canal

A driver in New York whose car came to a stop in a frigid canal was pulled out of the icy water by two Islip police officers who happened to be nearby.

Officer Who Saved Drowning Boy Shirks "Hero" Label, Praises God Instead

Over the past several days, Officer LaDean Byrd of the Petal (MS) Police Department "has been called a hero, a savior and everything in between," the department said in a Facebook post. But Byrd is steadfastly rejecting those labels. Instead, he praises God.