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Police Humor

Florida Sheriff's Office Valentine's Day Facebook Post: "Don't Play Hard to Get"

The Martin County (FL) Sheriff's Office posted an image on Facebook of five deputies collectively holding a bouquet of flowers, a heart-shaped balloon, and five boxes of Valentines chocolates, saying, "Our Warrants team is waiting for you with open cuffs. Don’t play hard to get, because they’re in it for the long haul and are truly committed to capturing your heart!"

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Tips for Safety on Patrol in Severe Winter Weather

Here are some tips to ensure that you're safe on the streets when Old Man Winter takes up residence in your jurisdiction.

Video: Washington Officers Face Off with Local Youth in Epic Snowball Fight

Officers with the Duvall (WA) Police Department took some time during Monday's inclement weather to have some fun with some young people at a local park.

Indiana K-9 Sees Shadow on Groundhog Day, Predicts 6 More Weeks of Winter

A K-9 with the South Bend (IN) Police Department emerged from a patrol vehicle on Saturday, saw her shadow, and predicted six more weeks of winter.

Florida Agency Uses Bitter Cold Weather Elsewhere to Attract Recruits

The Boca Raton (FL) Police Department is seeking officers from places being badly hit by severe cold weather to join the agency's ranks. The department posted on Twitter that the sub-zero temperatures in places like North Dakota and Wisconsin are not present in the Sunshine State.

Illinois Agency Thanks SC Police for "Arrest" of Disney's Elsa for Frigid Winter Weather

The McLean (IL) Police Department is trying to have some semblance of fun with the brutally cold weather gripping much of the northern United States.

Illinois Department "Cancels" Crime Due to Cold Temperatures

"Due to the extreme cold and wind, the Westchester Police Department is canceling all misdemeanor and felony criminal activities," the agency said on Facebook.

Texas Department Uses Cardboard Cutouts of Officers to Reduce Speeding

The Williamson County (TX) Sheriff's Office has deployed life-sized cardboard cutouts of officers holding radar guns in an effort to reduce speeding on surface streets.

Krispy Kreme Delivers Doughnuts to Kentucky Police Following Truck Fire

When a social media post by the Lexington (KY) Police Department—showing officers appearing to be crying after fire destroyed a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts delivery truck—went viral, the confectioner company sent a message via twitter to the agency saying that more doughnuts are "on the way." On Wednesday, the company delivered on its promise.

Agencies Send Condolences on Twitter on Kentucky Agency's "Lost" Donut Truck

In the wake of a humorous Tweet posted by the Lexington Police Department "mourning" the loss of a Krispy Kreme donut truck to fire, agencies around the country are sending their "condolences" and words of support via Twitter.