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Police History

Georgia Woman Finds Nearly 100-Year-Old Police Badge, Gives It to Agency

White, who recently published his history of the Gainesville Police, learned of the short-lived Hall County Police during his research. Working as a supplement to the sheriff’s office in a growing county, Hall County Police only existed between April 1920 and April 1922.

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Georgia Department Honors its First African-American Officer

One of what has been come to be known as "The Original Nine"—the first group of black men to have been sworn in after graduating the academy—Lieutenant John White was praised at the ceremony for blazing a trail for other black officers in the United States.

NLEOMF Set to Open Doors to National Law Enforcement Museum

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is preparing to welcome visitors to its new museum dedicated to law enforcement history on Saturday, October 13.

Learning from the Past

By studying the threats faced by officers years ago, today's police can prepare themselves for what they might face and develop the tactics, the training, and the mindset to prevail.

People of Probity

Modern law enforcement officers uphold a longheld tradition of protecting citizens and preserving freedom.

The Evolution of Duty Gear

While the Sam Browne system is a part of our traditions and other duty gear incarnations served us well in the past, the updated versions are more practical in modern policing.

How Miranda Became a Household Name

Ernesto Miranda's story began over a dozen years before his untimely death in the downtown skid row section of Phoenix, AZ, only a few blocks from where his story ended. It is presented here by the police officer who made the investigation and arrest, and took the confession later ruled inadmissible as evidence by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Utah Honors Deputy Killed In 1902

The Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Board has honored a deputy killed in the line of duty in 1902 with a headstone stating his sacrifice to his community. The board unveiled the headstone in the Scofield Cemetery for Thomas Nalley.

Vintage Patrol: 1962 Chrysler Newport

The Orange County (Calif.) Sheriff's Department issued 1962 Chrysler Newport sedans that offered deputies a 5.9-liter, V-8 (361 CID) rear-wheel powertrain with push button transmission. The engine was rated at 265 hp.

Double-Action Semi-Auto Pistols Fall Out of Favor

At the present time, only a few agencies still issue Beretta or S&W double-action pistols. In view of the currently available semi-auto models from Glock, S&W, and Springfield, use of double-action pistols has become much more limited.