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Drunk Driving

Massachusetts Officer Injured in Collision with Suspected Drunk Driver

An officer with the Dartmouth (MA) Police Department was injured on Sunday when his patrol vehicle was struck by a suspected drunk driver.

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Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Riding Lawn Mower into Florida Police Car

A Florida man whose driver's license had been suspended when Jimmy Carter occupied the White House reportedly crashed a riding lawn mower into a patrol car over the weekend.

Police Arrest Man Named Sober for Being Not Sober

On Saturday in Butler County, PA, police pulled over a suspected drunken driver named Daniel Sober.

No Charges for Louisiana State Trooper in Fatal Shooting of Man Fleeing Stop

A Louisiana State Police trooper will not face criminal charges after a September incident that started as a traffic stop and ended when the trooper fired into the fleeing vehicle, fatally shooting its driver.

California Man Gets 5 Years for Mocking CHP Officer While Driving Drunk

A California man who mocked a CHP Motor Officer for telling him to put on his seatbelt has been sentenced to five years in jail for being under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

Canadian Driver Charged After Going to Police Station to Prove Sobriety

A man is facing an impaired driving charge after police say he showed up at a police station in Mississauga, Canada, to prove to his friends he wasn’t drunk.

Texas Officer on Funeral Escort Killed by Suspected Drunk Driver

A Dallas police officer working on a funeral escort was reportedly struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver on Saturday morning.

Be a Jack of All Trades, Not a Master of One

Focusing on just one vehicle, penal, or narcotics code sub-specialty means that crooks are getting away with other stuff around you. You should strive to be both the Jack of All Trades and the Master of All of Them.

Video: CA Man Allegedly Steals Patrol Car and Uses It to Go Buy Beer

Samaha allegedly took the vehicle after it was left unattended by officers who were responding to a call Saturday evening.

CA Man Allegedly Steals Patrol Car and Uses It to Go Buy Beer

Zachary Samaha, 22, allegedly stole a Sacramento (CA) Police Department squad car Saturday evening and drove it to a liquor store where he bought and opened a 40-ounce bottle of beer. More Here.