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Police Arrest Man Named Sober for Being Not Sober

On Saturday in Butler County, PA, police pulled over a suspected drunken driver named Daniel Sober.

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North Carolina DUI Suspect Complains Police Won't Share Their Confiscated Liquor

Police say Elliott failed breath tests and was put in a patrol car, where he saw a bottle of Fireball Whiskey confiscated from someone else. The report says he told the officer: "You could have shared; I'm already drunk."

Testing Drivers for Marijuana Impairment

Drivers under the influence of THC may suffer from slower reaction time, impaired cognitive performance, and increased risk-taking.

Tennessee Department: Get Drunk on Our Tab to Help Out DUI Training

Coopertown Police Department is seeking six volunteers to drink alcohol of their choosing in an effort to help the department with a day of DUI training.

Suspected DUI Driver Charged Following Wrong-Way Collision with Connecticut Officer

James Crowther was reportedly traveling the wrong way heading eastbound in the westbound lane of a local roadway when he collided into the front end of the officer's off-duty vehicle traveling westbound.

Connecticut DUI Suspect Reportedly Drunk on Vanilla Extract

They say they detected an odor of vanilla on her breath, her speech was slurred and she was unable to answer basic questions.

Kansas Officer Impaled on Baton During Struggle with Suspect

A Lawrence, KS, police officer was impaled on his own metal baton while struggling with a man suspected of drunken driving.

Department Asks Citizens to Get Drunk to Train Recruits on SFSTs

The Kutztown Borough (PA) Police Department received thousands of responses to a request posted to Facebook for three citizen volunteers to help officers in training. The training in question was to help officers learn how to administer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests during suspected DUI traffic stops, and the volunteers would have to be willing to let the department get them drunk.

Louisville Sewer Agency Hires Noted Attorney to Represent Allegedly Impaired Driver in Trial Over Death of Detective

Louisville Attorney David Lambertus is now representing Roger Burdette, the MSD driver charged with murder and DUI in connection with the Christmas Eve crash that killed Det. Deidre Mengedoht

Ohio Officer Injured in Patrol Vehicle Crash, DUI Suspect Arrested

The officer was on I-271 north investigating an accident when a DUI suspect crashed into the officer's patrol vehicle..