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Civilians Helping Officers

Good Samaritans Come to Aid of California Officer Struggling with Suspect

Three Good Samaritans came to the aid of a deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department who was in a potentially deadly struggle with a suspect who was reportedly attempting to take the deputy's gun.

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Good Samaritans Come to Aid of Texas Officer Taking Down Suspect

An officer in Texas got an assist from a couple of Good Samaritans—one of whom plays rugby and is adept at making an open-field tackle—in taking down a suspect last week.

Ohio Officer Recovering from Injuries Sustained in Rollover Crash

The officer—identified as 43-year-old Robert Veverka—hit a patch of ice during the pursuit and rolled several times before coming to an inverted stop on the front lawn of a residence.

Video: Texas Motor Officer, Truck Driver Save Teen from Suicide Attempt

A motor officer with the Arlington (TX) Police Department used some quick thinking to get the assistance of a passing driver of a tractor-trailer truck to help save the life of a distraught and suicidal teenager perched on a freeway overpass.

Alabama Deputy Meets Man Who Held Umbrella for her During Funeral Procession

As the procession for 44-year old Sergeant WyTasha Carter passed in the pouring rain, a man was seen sheltering a deputy standing at attention and saluting.

Nurse Came to Aid of Wounded North Carolina Officer Left for Dead on Country Road

Local news outlets reported Trooper Daniel Harrell’s patrol cruiser had a dozen bullet holes in the windshield, as well as front-end damage.

Inmates in Work Detail Came to Aid of Collapsed North Carolina Deputy

Chief Deputy Larry Guyton of the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office said "it means a lot to law enforcement" that the inmates stayed at Smith's side and rushed to get him help. They even flagged down a passing motorist and asked him to call 911 for help.

New York Man Attacks Sheriff, Good Samaritans Intervene

Wyoming County (NY) Sheriff Gregory Rudolph was driving to work when a man began to tailgate him, flashing his lights. Sheriff Rudolph pulled over to see if the other driver needed assistance. That's when Rudolph came under attack.

Florida Man Accused of Shooting Officer with AK-47 Says He "Didn't Mean to"

Investigators said Roberts has pulled a gun on officers during two other past incidents earlier this year and has a violent past.

Crowd Records Violent Confrontation, Good Samaritan Comes to Officer's Aid

A Dallas man rushed to aid an officer involved in a violent struggle with a resistive subject—while other bystanders stood aside and captured video of the incident on their mobile phones. Steve Mabry was driving past the unidentified officer and the subject as the man was trying to take the officer's TASER.