MPD Acquires Kustom Signals

Holding company MPD has acquired Kustom Signals, manufacturer of speed enforcement and in-car video systems.

Gary J. Braswell, president and CEO of MPD Inc., announced that MPD has acquired Kustom Signals, Inc. ("Kustom").

Kustom, with headquarters in Lenexa, Kan., and a manufacturing facility in Chanute, Kan., is an electronics manufacturer dedicated to serving the equipment needs of worldwide law enforcement. Having started as a designer of professional audio amplifiers in the 1960s, Kustom is now a developer and manufacturer of traffic enforcement equipment deployed on a global basis, including radar, laser, laser video, in-car video, motorcycle video and radar, speed monitoring and messaging trailers, as well as a collaborator and reseller of body worn video and automated license plate recognition systems. Kustom also designs and manufactures lasers used in the general surveying and asset management sectors. MPD’s MPH Industries, Inc. subsidiary (“MPH”) has operated in markets similar to Kustom in the past.

Braswell said, "We have respected, admired and been challenged by Kustom over the years. MPH and Kustom each have an extremely loyal customer base, with relatively little overlap. Leveraging Kustom’s extensive network of channel partners, broad product portfolio, and expertise in both video systems and evidence management, MPD will be an even stronger force in the global traffic safety equipment market."

Kustom will operate as a separate MPD subsidiary from its current locations. Frederick S. Perry will serve as president of Kustom. Fred has been with MPD for over 27 years having served at various times as vice president of business planning and development, and as president of MPD subsidiaries MPH Industries, MPD Components, and FIC Corporation.

About MPD Inc.

MPD is a holding company headquartered in Owensboro, Ken., that operates through eleven U.S. and international subsidiaries. The Company's products are sold around the world, and its customers include U.S. & foreign military services, avionics manufacturers, law enforcement organizations, industrial companies and commercial businesses.

About MPH Industries Inc.

MPH has been a leader in the law enforcement radar market for more than 25 years. Recently, MPH acquired SpeedLaser, which has been sold in over 46 countries to date. MPH also manufactures and sells speed monitoring trailers and signs, and distributes automatic license plate recognition products. MPH is headquartered in Owensboro, Ken.

About Kustom Signals

Established in 1965, Kustom Signals designs and manufactures a complete line of speed enforcement, speed awareness, and in-car video systems for law enforcement agencies, along with the Contour product line.

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