Florida Officer's Act of Kindness for Homeless Man Goes Viral

Earlier this month, a citizen posted photos on Facebook of Ocala (Fla.) PD Sgt. Erica Hay buying breakfast for a homeless man and sitting down to eat and talk with him. The photos of this kind act went viral.

Photo: FacebookPhoto: Facebook

Earlier this month, Ocala (Fla.) PD Sgt. Erica Hay took time out of her morning to buy breakfast for a homeless man — then she sat down to eat her meal with him as she engaged the man in conversation, reports littlethings.com. A woman who saw this was so touched by the interaction that she snapped a few pictures and posted them on Facebook. "Although I was the only person blessed to witness less than two minutes of her kindness that definitely came from the heart, it truly made my morning," the woman wrote.

This incredible act of kindness quickly spread online, and people began sending their messages of gratitude. After all, the officer could have bought the man food and then continued on her way, but to also sit down and eat with him? Sharing a meal with someone is intimate and personal, yet this officer didn't think twice.

When she was reached for comment, Sgt. Hay was hesitant to speak with the media. Humbled, she did not seek attention for her kind gesture. "I was heading to Dunkin' Donuts to get breakfast when I saw this man sitting by himself, so, I decided to buy him breakfast. I then went over, sat down, and ate breakfast with him."

To this officer, it was simply her duty as an officer and human being. Hay went on to say, "He turned out to be a very nice man who just has a sad story. He is a person."

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