Good Samaritan Who Helped Wounded Idaho Officer Recounts Incident

Meridian (ID) Police Officer Kyle Mikowski was conducting a traffic stop when a gunman opened fire on him, but bystander Nedim Cavcic was there to render aid.

When an Idaho officer was shot in the leg during a traffic stop on Sunday afternoon, a Good Samaritan quickly rushed to his aid.

Nedim Cavcic was working a construction job when the incident unfolded nearby, according to KTVB-TV. Cavcic heard a commotion and saw a police officer in foot pursuit.

Meridian (ID) Police Officer Kyle Mikowski eventually deployed his ECD in attempt to stop one of the occupants of the stopped vehicle, but Cavcic was shocked to see the subject draw and fire a handgun.

“I can’t even describe how fast the guy pulled out the gun and started firing at the officer,” Cavcic told the station.

Officer Mikowski was able to return fire, ending the threat.

As the smoke cleared, Cavcic asked the wounded officer to sit down because “he was bleeding quite a bit,” but Mikowski refused.

Nedim told the station, “When the suspect took his last breath, I went up and moved the weapon so it’s not close to him, and then I got back to Officer Mikowski and we were trying to control the blood. I took my shirt off and laid him down and put it underneath his head.”

Nedim kept Mikowski talking until paramedics arrived.

Officer Mikowski is expected to fully recover.

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