Police Product Test: Insight Tech-Gear Arcturus Light

The Arcturus carries on the legacy that Insight Tech-Gear has built over the last few years. I like the light and carry it daily; I can't give it a higher endorsement than that.

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A few years ago Insight Technology was known to the general public as the manufacturer of the LAM unit for the H&K USP. Today, the company now known as Insight Tech-Gear is a manufacturer of a wide array of tactical and duty lights for cops and GIs.

The Arcturus is one of the newest offerings from Insight Tech-Gear. This light is a rechargeable unit putting out 120 lumens of light produced by a high output LED.

I have been using this light on duty for the past several weeks. I found it to light up a baseline on a baseball field for about 400 feet; it should be good on duty at 50 yards. Actually the Arcturus puts out enough light to illuminate an average-sized room—and then some.

The body and bezel of the Arcturus are made from hard anodized aluminum. I have dropped mine down steps, off my desk, and I rolled it across a parking lot while running. I can proudly say the light has survived and is still working.

I can't give you an exact length of time that the charge will last, but it has held a charge for use over a 12-hour shift. I charge the battery nightly; better safe than sorry. The lithium ion battery doesn't take that long to take a full charge; I would guess less than an hour with normal drain, a bit longer totally drained.

For ease of carry the Arcturus comes with a pocket clip. I have been carrying it in my rear pocket when on patrol. There are also many belt carriers for one-inch-wide lights that will easily accommodate this light.

The Arcturus carries on the legacy that Insight Tech-Gear has built over the last few years. I like the light and carry it daily; I can't give it a higher endorsement than that. Check it out for yourself and I think you, too, will be carrying the Insight Tech-Gear Arcturus on duty.

5.11 Tactical

Protective Eyewear

Not all that long ago, 5.11 was just a model of pants for Royal Robbins. Now 5.11 Tactical is an extensive product line for the military, law enforcement, EMS, and private security fields. A recent addition to the company's product line is protective eyewear.

5.11 Tactical's Falcon and Hawk offer the wearer stylish eyewear that protects the peepers from not only flying debris, but the sun itself. The Falcon has  oval-shaped lenses, while the Hawk's are more rectangular. The glasses can be had with or without polarized lenses; the polarized ones really do reduce the glare on a hazy summer day. Both glasses protect the eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

The Falcon and Hawk are not only stylish but they will protect you from airborne liquid, a flying fist, and various other types of airborne debris that can harm your eyes. These glasses both meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards. This should save your eyes from most items you will encounter on duty, be it on the street or on the range.

The arms of the Hawk and Falcon both have a slip resistant polymer to help keep your glasses on your face when you are sweating. For when you need to get physical, a glass strap is included.

To protect your glasses when you are not wearing them they ship in a zipper-closed hard case. The case will attach to a MOLLE unit or can be carried on your duty belt, keeping the glasses close at hand.

Not only will the 5.11 Tactical Hawk and Falcon protect your eyes, but they won't break your bank account. They retail for $59.99 for the non-polarized version and $79.99 for polarized.


Stealth Pants

The name Magnum is generally associated with comfortable and affordable boots for duty. Now this subsidiary of Hi-Tec is introducing its Stealth Series of clothing for duty and training.

The first thing I noticed about the Stealth Pants was how smooth and soft the material is. When it comes to "tactical" pants they tend to have that tougher than iron feel. That is all well and good if they are to be purely range and tactical wear, but what if I am a K-9 officer or am authorized a Class B type pants for daily duty? Then the softer, smoother feel is a good option.

Then I noticed the pistol magazine/cell phone pockets on each leg. These allow you to carry a spare magazine covertly as well as your cell phone—not choose between which you prefer. You will also notice the thigh pockets, which lay flat and smooth. Again, a nice touch if you are wearing the Stealth Pants for duty or even for casual wear.

Magnum's Stealth has a few hidden features. First is the key/wallet small pocket inside the waistband at the back of the pants. You can fit many of today's small pocket data assistants or a radio and keep it out of sight.

Another hidden feature of the Stealth Pants is the knee pad pockets. This might sound like a strange thing to get excited about. But if you are spending time kneeling on the range or on duty, you will know how much difference a quarter-inch closed cell pad can make; it's huge. I have found these pads to work great on courses of fire that require you to kneel, especially if you're unlucky enough to find that hidden rock.

Magnum's Stealth Pants allow you to wear up to a two-inch-wide belt. The loops will easily accommodate the rigger-style belts that are dominating the tactical world. For added comfort the waistband is elasticized; a great thing if you overindulge at lunch or dinner. Overall, the Magnum Stealth Pants function well for duty, range, or casual wear.

Tact Squad

Duty Jacket

While it may be sweltering outside now, winter is not far off; so I figured checking out a good three-season jacket would fit the change of seasons. Tact Squad is a major player in uniform attire, known for its LASD uniforms and motor officer riding breeches. The company also makes fine outerwear, including its Perfect Storm duty jacket.

The Perfect Storm comes with three pull-down ID panels and a removable micro fleece, 200-gram Thinsulate liner. In combination, this liner and the weatherproof outer shell will keep you comfortable in all but the most severe weather.

Enhancing the versatility of this jacket is its dual-direction zipper and snap storm flap. This will allow you to close the Perfect Storm using only the snaps to vent air, or seal it up tight to keep out the cold and wet.

If it is a wet day, you can make use of a hood that tucks down inside the jacket instead of rolling into the collar. This allows the collar to lie flat and not obstruct your view or roll into your throat.

Other nice features of the Tact Squad Perfect Storm are the dual use pockets. They have bellows outers to carry gloves, glasses, etc. Behind the bellows are fleece-lined hand warming pockets. On a cold day the fleece will keep your fingers toasty whether you are wearing gloves or not.

Just behind the pockets are zippered slashes for easy access to your weapon and radio or magazines. The slash secures via a simple snap that is stowed inside the waistband with another snap. I found this system works very well because Tact Squad gives you two snaps to allow you to choose how tightly to secure your jacket.

I found the sizing of the Perfect Storm to be just right. I wear a 2X-Large and it was not snug over my body armor and all of my other stuff. I have a feeling my Tact Squad Perfect Storm will be getting a lot of use this year.

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