Police Product Test: Rocky S2V Boots

The S2Vs did not disappoint me. They were comfortable on the mixed hard surfaces I wore them on. And since we were in the freeze thaw of February, I was able to see how slip resistant the soles were.

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While Rocky Boots are the rage with many guys I know who wear blue suits every day for work, I had never found a Rocky boot that felt right to me. Until now.

Late in 2008 the S2V boot was introduced to the market. I read all the press releases and advertisements but I was skeptical. This year at the SHOT Show I talked with the Rocky staff who explained how these boots are vastly different from past boots in the line. These boots are lined with an anti-microbial liner to help beat athlete's foot, they are thoroughly padded for all-day comfort, the Cordura upper reduces weight, and the arch area is reinforced with SuperFabric panels to resist rope burns when rappelling.

Seeing how the boots were built led me to believe the S2V was a major departure from the Rocky Boots of old. The staff arranged for a pair of the S2Vs to be shipped to me.

I kicked around the house in my sage green S2Vs so if they didn't feel right I could send them back to Rocky. The more I wore them around the more I realized the S2V felt pretty good; after three days or so I figured they were good to go for work.

The S2Vs did not disappoint me. They were comfortable on the mixed hard surfaces I wore them on. And since we were in the freeze thaw of February, I was able to see how slip resistant the soles were on wet concrete, tile, and asphalt. The boots came through with flying colors and I did not find my butt sliding along on the wet polished tile floors nor were my feet and legs tired at the end of the day. I give the boots two thumbs up.

I must warn you, these boots are not Gore-Tex lined; hence they are not waterproof. However, summer is coming and a comfortable cool duty boot is needed by many of us to beat sweaty feet. Since I am one of those people who likes a lightweight summer boot for training I will be wearing the S2V. If the boot comes out in polishable black leather, I'll wear it for duty.

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BlackHawk: Level 3 SERPA Holster

Not that long ago having a duty holster that was a "level three" retention holster meant that to get your sidearm into actino you had to make numerous awkward movements —none of which makes for a smooth, efficient draw stroke.

This all has changed thanks to the Level 3 Auto Lock SERPA Holster from BlackHawk. This holster uses BlackHawk's patented SERPA lock and a locking hood. To draw your firearm from the Auto Lock, simply use your normal draw stroke; the hood releases, and the SERPA lock is disengaged from the pistol. No twists or jerks; simply draw the weapon. I know this sounds simple and it is; the Auto Lock adheres to the K.I.S.S. principle.

When I first saw the prototypes for the Auto Lock my initial reaction was, "This is too good to be true." But Chuck Buis, the head honcho of BlackHawk's holster division, assured me this holster was better than sliced bread and worked as advertised. He then showed me.

BlackHawk had the prototype on a test stand to simulate the location and wear of the holster. I stood on it and drew the pistol as I would on duty. The draw was smooth and fast, so I was sold on that point. Next Chuck proceeded to lift my holster and stand off the ground while grabbing the pistol butt in the holster. OK, so it seems the holster truly will retain the pistol.

I have been using the Auto Lock with a Beretta 92 and my partner has been carrying his Glock 22 and a TASER in Auto Lock SERPAs. We have tugged and yanked on the pistols and all that happens is you get dragged around by the firearm. At the range, presentations are as smooth as from an open top concealment holster. Overall I'd say the holsters work like a charm and like BlackHawk says they will.

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