Sanctuary for the Bad Guys

This fatally flawed law has effectively neutered ICE's 48-hour detainer requests for prisoners housed in the city's largest jail (Riker's Island).

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Last month New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed his latest "Animal Farm"-styled law in support of illegal aliens while causing a divide between federal and local law enforcement.

By signing these laws, de Blasio has made clear that illegal aliens are "more equal" than citizens in New York City and laws only apply to citizens. This fatally flawed law introduced by City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, has effectively neutered ICE's 48-hour detainer requests for prisoners housed in the city's largest jail (Riker's Island). Unless ICE obtains a federal warrant, and the illegal alien in question was convicted of a violent or serious crime in the past five years, neither the Department of Corrections nor the NYPD will honor a detainer request.

Did either de Blasio or Mark-Viverito consider that their prize law would prevent a 48-hour hold for an illegal alien who committed a heinous act against a minor six or more years ago? And after reading this law, one would draw the conclusion that the mayor is also coddling illegal aliens who commit "nonviolent" federal crimes, including identity theft, drug trafficking, financial fraud, mail fraud, and even human trafficking.

In terms of illegal aliens who have been accused but not convicted of serious crimes, only those who prove to be a possible hit on a terrorist watch list will be detained. This law ignores suspected cop killers and gang members. De Blasio is apparently more concerned about tarnishing the reputation of an upstanding illegal alien than he is about protecting cops and citizens.

At a Nov. 14 press conference, de Blasio said ICE's efforts to detain illegal aliens locked up in Riker's Island for 48 hours "has undermined public safety in our communities." The mayor must have his own dictionary that defines "public safety" as minimizing law enforcement and discarding laws in order to protect and defend illegal aliens.

Both the mayor and the speaker would like the people of New York to think that ICE's efforts to detain and deport illegal aliens, aka "criminals," are really a nefarious plot to destroy wonderful families. But what the mayor and the speaker fail to mention is that people who jaywalk don't wind up in Riker's Island, real criminals do. Local police can now arrest a known MS-13 gang member who is illegally in the United States for driving drunk and reckless, and the law prohibits them from notifying ICE.

While the mayor seeks to portray every illegal alien as a hard-working, tax-paying saint, he conveniently overlooks the harmful impact on our citizens when illegal aliens commit "nonviolent" crimes. These "undocumented" leeches bleed millions of dollars from our citizenry and our government institutions, but all the mayor can do is boast about the intrinsic value of hard-working illegal aliens mowing lawns.

To be fair and clear, there are undoubtedly numerous hard-working illegal aliens in New York City who are family oriented and decent. This group would certainly be eligible for legal residency if the government ever passed meaningful immigration reform. But kicking ICE out of Riker's Island and refusing to honor legitimate 48-hour detainer requests does not equate to meaningful immigration reform.

Additionally, curtailing cooperative and communication efforts between local and federal law enforcement doesn't benefit the citizenry. In post-9/11 New York City, local, state, and federal law enforcement officers understand the absolute need to share information, and have done great work together on task forces. De Blasio is obviously seeking to drive a wedge in this, as his priorities lie with protecting criminal illegal aliens.

Our citizenry and all law enforcement officers have to question the judgment of NYC elected officials when Speaker Mark-Viverito makes the statement, "Families will no longer be needlessly torn apart by ICE's 'Dragnet' enforcement efforts."

Just the facts, Madam Speaker: Your knowledge of classic cop shows is as skewed as your efforts to coddle illegal aliens. "Dragnet" was a showcase of honorable law enforcement officers following due process and enforcing the law. ICE agents and officers uphold this same standard, and you and the mayor should respect the risks they take while they protect the Constitution and the citizenry.

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