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Our families and friends are subjected to a barrage of anti-cop gibberish on social media. One inspiring exception to this has been the unrelenting support law enforcement has received from Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro this past year.

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Unlike professional athletes, law enforcement officers do not have cheering squads that bang pom-poms for them while patrolling, investigating, or providing protection. To the contrary, law enforcement officers are often harangued by hater squads via the channels provided by certain biased news media outlets. We've been trained to tune out the noise and wear body armor over thick skin.

However, our families and friends are subjected to a barrage of anti-cop gibberish on social media. That is disheartening. One inspiring exception to this has been the unrelenting support law enforcement has received from Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro this past year.

Last year law enforcement faced an unprecedented number of assassination-styled ambush attacks. A total of 64 officers were feloniously killed and 21 of them were victims of fatal ambush attacks. Concurrent with this, members of the biased news media continued their unwarranted attacks on law enforcement while scapegoating those who serve for all the problems plaguing our high-crime neighborhoods. But Judge Pirro did not waver in her firm support for police.

With a glaring void in national leadership from the prior administration, law enforcement morale plummeted in 2016. We witnessed the ferocious attack of both law enforcement and the sacred rule of law, while listening to the hollow words of an apologist. To her credit, Pirro refused to join the blame-wagon, and instead cheered on law enforcement throughout the tumultuous year.

Her Fox News program, "Justice With Judge Jeanine," served as a critical source of inspiration for the men and women serving in law enforcement. Pirro's passionate advocacy was our spiritual ballistic shield, while she defended law enforcement's service and sacrifice with honor. Throughout the challenging year, she provided an unwavering flow of inspiration for officers and their families. During a time when Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke stated accurately that self-initiating policing was in jeopardy, Pirro reminded us every weekend on her show that law enforcement had a powerful voice and was appreciated.

In recognition of Pirro's unrelenting inspirational support for law enforcement and the rule of law, the F.L.E.O.A. Foundation has presented her with the 2016 Law Enforcement Patriot of the Year award. In her acceptance remarks, it was both her message and her tone that inspired those in attendance. It wasn't the staged Hollywood diatribe of a blow-hard actor receiving an award for being an accomplished pretender. The judge's remarks came from her patriotic heart, and her appreciation for those who serve.

Prior to her receiving this award, Pirro called out the Hollywood weasels who accused President Trump of using the wife of a fallen military hero as an "exploited prop." During his Feb. 28, 2017 address to Congress, President Trump recognized Carryn Owens, the surviving wife of fallen Navy SEAL William "Ryan" Owens. As befitting of a surviving spouse of a fallen hero, Ms. Owens received a resonating, heart-warming standing ovation during President Trump's address to Congress. While most were moved to tears, some Hollywood weasels sought to taint the powerful moment with their lame allegation that the President was taking advantage of Ms. Owens. Pirro stood up and exposed the weasels for their shameful criticism.

Judge Pirro understands that we honor our fallen heroes by remembering their sacrifice and supporting their surviving families. She understands that we bury our heroes, but we don't bury their families. There is sacred ground no political extremists or Hollywood weasels can trespass and taint with their dirt. That sacred ground is reserved for our heroes' families, and may God have pity on those who seek to encroach.

Law Enforcement officers may protect millions of Americans, but they don't have the means to broadcast across the country. I applaud Judge Jeanine for broadcasting her thunderous support for law enforcement officers, while calling the cowards and the critics to the honor carpet.

While Pirro has stood up to the notorious cop-haters, a majority of proud Americans honor law enforcement and the rule of law. The wonderful leaders at the Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) initiated the annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.) on Jan. 9 of each year. We are inspired by their advocacy and unrelenting support for the families of our fallen heroes. There may be a lot of negative noise out there, but the heart of law enforcement remains strong. In this unpredictable life, we take nothing for granted, as we pay tribute to all our law enforcement patriots.

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