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Point Blank's V2 Pro-Performance armor carrier fits like a concealable vest, accepts rifle plates, and is made to exactly match First Tactical's V2 shirt and pants to create a seamless uniform system.

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Point Blank’s V2 Pro Performance armor carrier integrates with V2 apparel for a seamless uniform appearance.Point Blank’s V2 Pro Performance armor carrier integrates with V2 apparel for a seamless uniform appearance.

Point Blank set out to integrate armor and patrol uniforms with its new V2 system. The V2  Pro-Performance armor carrier was designed to offer the fit and protection of a concealable vest in an outer carrier, while integrating with First Tactical's V2 apparel for a professional uniform appearance.

The goal was to provide the functionality of an outer carrier for patrol officers without the look of one, says Michael Haynes, Director of Brand Development for Point Blank Enterprises. That's why the V2 is modeled after a concealable vest. It doesn't look or feel tactical. Yet it provides the configurable functionality that you get with an outer carrier. And since its fabric and slim profile match the V2 shirt and pants from First Tactical, it easily blends in to create an entire uniform system. Note: First Tactical is a law enforcement apparel brand of Point Blank Enterprises.

"We wanted to meet the needs of agencies' uniform requirements, and the performance and configuration requirements with an outer carrier. We also wanted to make sure our customers could take advantage of the highest performing ballistics in the industry without compromise and integrate the system with the uniform shirt and pants," Haynes says.

The collaboration between Point Blank's armor and apparel teams ensured that the V2 outer carriers would be available in the exact same fabric and in the exact same colorways as the V2 shirt and pants. But the V2's development was about much more than styling and color.

Armor carriers exist to hold ballistics to protect officers from harm. If the ballistics don't fit properly, the vest does not offer optimal performance. So it was very important to Haynes and his team that they be able to control these variables and create a safe armor carrier. This was a significant challenge because the V2 system is available in more than 1,000 possible configurations.

That's not an exaggeration. A new Point Blank app will allow agencies to custom design a V2 Pro-Performance armor carrier for their officers. Options include MOLLE or slick configuration, ID panel placement, top-loading versus bottom-loading plate pockets, and the list goes on.

"It's filtered by what you select," explains Haynes. "Once you choose the basic template, it provides you with all the options available within that offering."

Point Blank's most popular outer carriers, the Guardian and the ODC, are now available in the V2 material, in all of the NIJ-certified shapes the company offers. These include the MC, the MX4, the TruFit, and the Python. Carriers with V2 material are available in black, navy, and OD Green.

Rifle protection plates can be put inside both V2 outer carrier options. "This is the first time we are able to integrate all-day rifle threat protection into an outer carrier meant for patrol, which is unique," says Haynes. "We're taking that typical tactical rifle protection and integrating that into the patrol officer's uniform, to meet the challenges that they are seeing
these days."

Wear tests are currently being scheduled through representatives at Point Blank or First Tactical. The V2 Pro-Performance outer carrier will be available through authorized Point Blank dealers or distributors.

"I think blending the best ballistics in the industry with the highest performing apparel in the industry to offer officers that uniform professional appearance should not only make them safer, it should also make them more comfortable," says Haynes. "We're taking professional performance to the next level."


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