June 2018

Cover Story

Police Week 2018

Last month we asked readers to send us their photos of National Police Week, and they sent us some great images that we want to share.


How to Stop School Shootings

Editor David Griffith (Photo: Kelly Bracken)

There are many things we can do to prevent school shootings, but only one thing can stop the shooter once he/she starts firing…and that's law enforcement response.


How To Get a Job in Law Enforcement

Prior work experience is generally expected before you apply for a law enforcement position....

The economy is better now, and funding for law enforcement is rapidly being restored. This is good news for those individuals hoping to enter policing for the first time, and for veteran officers seeking to move to a new agency.


The Will to Keep Going

Illustration: Sequoia Blankenship

Often ambush attacks are so sudden and violent the officer's doom seems certain, yet they manage to overcome the bushwhacking…but how?


Stop The Falling

Jon Adler, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation.

If companies can predict consumer behavior with considerable accuracy, is it outside the realm of possibility that the same could be done for criminal behavior?


East Haven (CT) Police Department

Sgt. Justin Brochu serves as leader of the East Haven Police Athletic League (EHPAL). (Photo:...

Sgt. Brochu has led the charge to launch the East Haven Police Athletic League in his community. This program recently launched its first athletic offerings, at a discounted rate, for children within the community.


Interacting with Homeless People

Homeless people, says Dowd, often have traits, ideas, and characteristics that are similar to...

Homeless individuals can be a useful source of information about life on the streets, but only if the patrol cops who come across them treat them like human beings.


It’s Been an Honor and a Privilege

Retiring LAPD Chief Charlie Beck hopes to share wisdom with officers still on the job. Photo: LAPD

Several themes emerge as I look back on my own small piece of that history. They are things that I wish I understood better when I was younger on the job. They are also things that I hope those who come after me can find of some service as they continue the work that I am leaving behind.


School Shootings: You Have to Go In

As with any tactical situation, generally those who preplan the best, win. Photos produced at...

The greatest challenge for law enforcement first responders is how to most effectively suppress the intrinsic priority of self-preservation. Within all typical humans is a desire to live on, to be safe, and to shield oneself from danger. As 21st century American law enforcement officers, we must train ourselves to stifle that urge.