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Read posts about tactical teams, active-shooter training, and other topics for SWAT operators.

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Active Shooters, Gun Control, and Mental Health

If we are truly serious about reducing active shooter deaths, we must stop the political posturing and the self-serving, useless rhetoric and commit ourselves to the many viable solutions that are out there. We owe it to our children to find a way.

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Hardening Physical Targets

Photo via Wikimedia.

With the exception of the military-related attacks at Fort Hood and the Washington Navy Yard, terrorists and criminals are more likely to assault a facility where resistance is minimal—a "soft" target.

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What LE Can Learn From the Kenya Mall Attack

Photo of a view of Nairobi courtesy of Wikimedia.

These types of attacks illustrate the pattern that terrorists are committed to inflicting death and destruction anywhere to generate headlines and rally other lunatics to their cause. They are prepared to do anything to win.

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The Value of Tactical EMS Training

Photo courtesy of Chris Felski.

When responding to violent events such as an active shooter, after we've neutralized the threat, we can extend our life-saving abilities by managing and treating the damage done by the perpetrators.

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Campus IED Attack: The Answer

MIT Officer Sean Collier was killed in the Boston Marathon bombing manhunt. Photo courtesy of MIT.

With this SWAT blog, we're answering a question proposed in the May 29 blog, "Campus IED Attack: What Would You Do?" You told us how you would handle the scenario of a campus active shooter suspect with IEDs. Here's the answer.

Blog Post

How To Start a Tactical Team

Photo courtesy of William Harvey.

There are plenty of behind-the-scenes preparations needed to form a tactical team. It's not just gathering a group, getting fancy tactical dress, and heading out for some shooting.